Out-of-control golf cart sends spectators to hospital at U.S. Open
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An out-of-control golf cart drove into spectators at the U.S. Open on Friday, sending several fans standing near the 16th hole to the hospital, according to Joe Szydlowski of The Californian.

The cart was delivering boxes to a concession stand on No. 16. As the driver exited the cart, one of the boxes fell onto the accelerator, causing the cart to pick up speed and head toward the gallery, eyewitnesses recalled.

“We were standing in the concession line on the 16th hole when all of a sudden there was a runaway cart and one guy running after it, then a bunch of people running after it,” Georgie Salant told Golf.com Dylan Dethier. “It was actually coming straight for the concession line and then it turned, just on its own, and it didn’t stop. It started driving in circles. It ran over like, five people.”

Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images Sport / Getty

Another witness confirmed the chaotic scene.

“This one guy was trying to chase it and was diving after it trying to stop it, I think he was just a spectator. And he got injured diving after it, he was sitting on the ground for a while afterwards, not moving," the witness said, according to Dethier.

"Finally a guy jumped on it and turned the wheel really hard and then pushed the box off. It was crazy," the witness added.

The California Highway Patrol's report states one victim suffered a spinal injury and another a broken arm, per Dethier. There were five victims injured in the accident.

Two people were taken to the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, while others with minor injuries were taken to a nearby medical center.

The California Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate the accident, according to Szydlowski.

Out-of-control golf cart sends spectators to hospital at U.S. Open
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