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Verratti set for reunion with old mentor Ancelotti
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PSG denies offering Cavani €1M to let Neymar take penalties
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Footy Player Rankings: Messi, Dybala on fire in September
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Mendy: 'Not completely mad' that I could become world's best left-back
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Bayern's Hoeness slams 'unacceptable' transfers before PSG clash
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Report: PSG's Neymar earns world's 2nd-highest salary
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Neymar-less Paris Saint-Germain held by Montpellier
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All in the family: 7 sons following in footballing footsteps
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Dortmund CEO: PSG owners would 'laugh' at Financial Fair Play fines
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By the numbers: Falcao's remarkable renaissance keeps getting better
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PSG confirms Neymar's exclusion from Montpellier trip
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Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar nominated for The Best FIFA Men's Player award
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Alves tells Forlan to 'shut up' after criticism of role in set-piece dispute
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Agent: Kurzawa video footage 'taken out of context'
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Defiant Bielsa adamant he won't quit Lille post
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PSG president: Media responsible for reported Neymar, Cavani beef
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UEFA call on European leaders to help regulate transfer market
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Fact or fiction: Which early-season narratives should we believe?
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Real Madrid dominates shortlist for FIFA FIFPro World 11
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FIFA's Ethics Committee bans Caribbean Football Union's president for 6 years