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Lacazette's double steals spotlight from Barry's milestone
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Pulis accuses Sanchez of 'cheating' in post-match rant
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Report: Leicester submits FIFA appeal to complete Adrien Silva signing
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How 'boring' Barry quietly became league's leading appearance holder
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Footy Player Rankings: Messi, Dybala on fire in September
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Xabi Alonso announces plan to become a manager
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Misbehaving Liverpool, United fans face 'long stay in Russia,' security head warns
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Karius gets Liverpool nod against Spartak
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FA backs chief executive Glenn over Sampson sacking
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Christian Eriksen added to lengthy absentee list for APOEL trip
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Report: United incensed with Long after ugly tackle sidelines Fellaini
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Report: Crystal Palace's Benteke out at least 6 weeks with knee injury
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Mendy: 'Not completely mad' that I could become world's best left-back
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Report: Manchester United extends out-of-favour Shaw's contract
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Guardiola urges City forwards to be ruthless
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Conte: I won't be away from Italy 'for a long time'
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Mourinho escapes further action after sending-off
Cropped 2016 11 11t200902z 121896542 mt1aci14667853 rtrmadp 3 soccer worldcup eng sco
FIFA lifts controversial poppy ban
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In pictures: The best images from the Premier League weekend
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3 things we learned in the Premier League this weekend