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Report: Liverpool prepared to reject any Barcelona bid for Coutinho
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Monaco threatens disciplinary action for clubs tapping up Mbappe
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Africa Cup of Nations moves to summer, expands size
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West Ham strikes deal with Leverkusen for Chicharito
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Report: Arsenal rejects Palace's £16M Chambers advance
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Report: Monaco rejects City's £44.5M bid for Benjamin Mendy
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Premier League Transfer Tracker: Summer window
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Morata hails Chelsea as 'best club,' Conte 'best coach'
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Watch: Zabaleta welcomes Hart to West Ham with golazo
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Knockaert racing to be fit for Brighton's inaugural Premier League match
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Report: United eyes Aurier as alternative to pricey Fabinho deal
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Mourinho prepared to settle for 1 more signing in 'difficult' window
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Glenn Whelan ends nearly a decade with Stoke to join Aston Villa
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Brighton makes Mathias Normann 4th summer signing
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Mourinho treating Thursday's Manchester derby as training session
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City fans require MUTV subscription to watch pre-season Manchester derby
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Walker hopes to 'lift a trophy' with Manchester City
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How Barcelona should spend €222M if Neymar actually leaves for PSG
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Guardiola: Aguero is going nowhere
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Chelsea confirms agreement to sign Morata for reported £58M