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Combined XI: Real Madrid vs. Tottenham
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Mahrez snatches draw for struggling Leicester City
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RB Leipzig CEO didn't expect teams to trigger Keita's buyout clause
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Guardiola, Sarri take vastly different paths to Champions League tilt
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Report: Mourinho demands big pay rise before signing new United contract
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Lovren blasts Lukaku over Anfield clash
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Mike Ashley puts Newcastle up for sale
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Manchester City's Sterling never considered Arsenal move
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Guardiola dismisses report claiming Napoli will rest stars vs. Manchester City
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Footy Power Rankings: Dominant Manchester City takes over top spot
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Tottenham condemns Marca over claims club is hated for its Jewish roots
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Report: United, Phil Jones negotiating new deal
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Zidane wary of 'complete' striker Harry Kane
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Report: Victor Moses the latest victim of Chelsea's hamstring curse
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Guardiola aims to keep Manchester City players humble
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Lukaku 'relaxed' over record against Premier League heavy-hitters
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Mourinho convinced he won't end career at Manchester United
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3 things we learned in the Premier League this weekend
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Pochettino would 'relish' chance to become England manager
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Rooney rides to Everton's rescue at Brighton