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Kane, Lloris fit for Spurs' showdown with Arsenal
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Report: Manchester United maintains Bale interest despite injury issues
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Mourinho furious over Jones' injections while on England duty
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3 things to watch in the Premier League this weekend
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Report: Chris Coleman steps down as Wales boss, takes over at Sunderland
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North London derby: Wenger's back-3 could masquerade as a tactical triumph
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Fighting words: 3 storylines in Mourinho and Benitez's infamous feud
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Guardiola mulls Kompany return in place of Otamendi
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Benitez, Mourinho uninterested in rekindling old war of words
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Conte confirms David Luiz's return after being dropped vs. United
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Manchester City's Aguero fit, available for selection after dizzy spell
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Klopp fighting fit after hospital visit: 'I feel really good'
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Pogba, Ibrahimovic, Rojo could play against Newcastle
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United scraps show at Old Trafford featuring controversial Icke
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Report: Manchester United confident Mourinho will be in charge next season
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Contenders and pretenders: Ranking the 32 teams competing in the World Cup
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FIFA rankings review could lose 'loophole' used by top seed Poland
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Leicester has Adrien Silva application rejected by CAS
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Liverpool welcomes Klopp, Mane back to training ahead of Southampton tilt
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Wenger insists Arsenal is no underdog in north London derby