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3 things to watch this weekend: Wake Liverpool up when September ends
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Evolving Aguero doesn't need accolades to prove worth, says Guardiola
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West Ham to auction London derby kits for Mexican earthquake victims
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Mourinho showers praise on 'happy' Martial
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Guardiola: League Cup is a 'waste' of energy
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Allegri, Conte, Zidane shortlisted for The Best FIFA Men's Coach award
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Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar nominated for The Best FIFA Men's Player award
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Conte thanks Costa for Chelsea contribution, but insists club moves on
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Klopp vows to maintain attacking mentality despite scoring struggles
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Pochettino takes Spurs to dinner in bid to fuel appetite for success
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Tevez: China won't be able to compete even 50 years from now
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Report: Bakayoko involved in minor crash, not expected to miss time
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Tammy Abraham denies switching international allegiance to Nigeria
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How should Chelsea fans remember divisive striker Diego Costa?
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Lukaku wants Manchester United fans to drop offensive chant
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Manchester City expects Gundogan's return to training 'in the coming days'
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Wenger denies having 'disguised attitude' over Sanchez role
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FIFA investigating Manchester City over recruitment of young players
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Burnley signs Lindegaard to cover for injured Heaton
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Conte: David Luiz 'must' play despite broken wrist