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Cagliari sacks manager Massimo Rastelli
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Jesus earns Manchester City narrow win over Napoli
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Juventus not in crisis, insists Allegri
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Ranking the World Cup play-off ties by upset potential
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World Cup play-off draw: Italy meets Sweden, Denmark to play Ireland
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Juventus' Chiellini recalls Champions League pain
Cropped 2017 09 26t191424z 864992729 rc1e5006c6f0 rtrmadp 3 soccer champions mci shk
Guardiola, Sarri take vastly different paths to Champions League tilt
Cropped 2017 10 16t114117z 993766579 rc1482f50ad0 rtrmadp 3 soccer champions mci nap preview
Guardiola dismisses report claiming Napoli will rest stars vs. Manchester City
Cropped 2017 10 14t144430z 938095415 rc1e4642d3c0 rtrmadp 3 soccer england mci stk
Footy Power Rankings: Dominant Manchester City takes over top spot
Cropped 2017 09 02t202411z 1275877890 rc1c43c70330 rtrmadp 3 soccer worldcup esp ita
Italy, Switzerland among 4 seeded teams for World Cup play-off draw
Cropped 2017 01 21t195306z 1298240287 rc1bba38acc0 rtrmadp 3 soccer italy
Milan chief backs under-fire Montella
Cropped 2017 10 15t203811z 1019459032 rc1f4953e690 rtrmadp 3 soccer italy int mil
Icardi completes hat trick in 90th minute as Inter defeats AC Milan
Cropped 2017 10 14t180037z 1523068108 rc13ffe5c1d0 rtrmadp 3 soccer italy juv laz
Gutsy Lazio condemns Juventus to rare home defeat
Cropped 2017 09 16t201101z 537994991 rc1822badf20 rtrmadp 3 soccer spain atm mal
Watchability rankings: 5 enormous matches in Europe this weekend
Cropped 2017 09 23t140326z 105346948 rc134560d560 rtrmadp 3 soccer england stk che
Conte clarifies talk of Italy return: 'The translation was wrong'
Cropped nations league
UEFA announces format for new Nations League
Cropped 2017 10 08t202909z 852760156 rc1197f72f00 rtrmadp 3 soccer worldcup ger aze
Ranking the 23 nations that have already qualified for the World Cup
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Who's in, who's out: The 2018 World Cup field so far
Cropped 2017 10 10t200815z 1237843037 rc1e0584aa80 rtrmadp 3 soccer worldcup grc gib
Everything you need to know about UEFA's World Cup play-offs
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Shafted stars: 5 players who deserved Ballon d'Or recognition