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Spartak Moscow eases to victory over Sevilla
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Hugo the hero as Tottenham and Real Madrid share spoils
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Combined XI: Real Madrid vs. Tottenham
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Footy Power Rankings: Dominant Manchester City takes over top spot
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Zidane wary of 'complete' striker Harry Kane
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5 things we learned in La Liga: Isco indispensable, Diego Costa missed
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Valencia storms to 2nd in La Liga after 9-goal thriller against Real Betis
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Look: Messi, Antonella expecting 3rd child
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Report: Lyon's Gouiri on Real Madrid's watchlist
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Valverde hopes goal against Atletico kick starts Suarez's season
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Lyon's Depay eyeing Real Madrid move
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Late Ronaldo winner lifts Real Madrid to victory over Getafe
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Watchability rankings: 5 enormous matches in Europe this weekend
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Zidane hungry for more ahead of 100th match at Real Madrid helm
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Iniesta: 'Great chance' 2018 World Cup will be final bow with Spain
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Mascherano announces plans to retire from Argentina duty after World Cup
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Report: Athletic's Kepa could join Real Madrid
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Filipe Luis: '80 percent' of footballers live in bubble
Cropped nations league
UEFA announces format for new Nations League
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Real Madrid 'keeper Navas suffers groin injury