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NHL betting guide: Which regular-season point totals are still at stake?

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How'd your team do this season?

Once the Eastern Conference mercifully sorts itself out in the coming days, 16 teams will have failed to make the playoffs, and two months from now, 31 will have failed to win the Stanley Cup. However, that doesn't mean every team that doesn't do ceremonial circles around the ice with the Cup gets a thumbs-down on the season.

That's why betting is so fun. We have a market available before the season that sets a preliminary bar for what should constitute a successful campaign: regular-season point totals.

No matter what happens the rest of the way, the 2023-24 season will be remembered by Canucks backers as the easiest win imaginable on an over ticket, as Vancouver cleared 89 points weeks ago. The Jets surpassed expectations at nearly the same level.

Regular-season point totals: Over winners

Team Regular-season point totals
Hurricanes 107.5
Stars 105.5
Rangers 102
Bruins 100
Panthers 98.5
Lightning 95.5
Jets 91.5
Canucks 89
Predators 87
Red Wings 85.5
Capitals 85
Blues 84.5
Flyers 75.5
Canadiens 72

Fourteen teams are considered winners for their bettors, and even if the Red Wings, Capitals, and Flyers don't make the playoffs, they'll be considered winners in some circles. On the flip side, if you preferred to bet against achievement, the Sharks, Blackhawks, Senators, and Flames were the four biggest disappointments of 13 teams that clinched their under totals (though most teams that didn't get to their prescribed numbers weren't even close).

Regular-season point totals: Under winners

Team RSP Totals
Devils 107
Maple Leafs 106.5
Golden Knights 102.5
Penguins 97.5
Wild 96.5
Flames 94.5
Kraken 93
Sabres 92.5
Senators 91.5
Blue Jackets 73.5
Blackhawks 71
Ducks 67.5
Sharks 66.5

Of course, the Maple Leafs, Golden Knights, and Penguins could still win the Stanley Cup, but that won't be much consolation for those who felt they'd have better regular seasons.

Twenty-seven teams have either paid out their backers or faders, which leaves five teams hanging in the balance for the season's final week:

Regular-season point totals: Markets TBD

Team Point Totals Points Needed Games Left
Avalanche 106.5 2 1
Oilers 106 5 3
Kings 100.5 4 2
Islanders 90 1 2
Coyotes 76.5 2 1

The Avalanche play their finale against the Oilers at home Thursday. That game may be meaningless for both, but not for either team's bettors, since Edmonton has to get two wins in its final three games to clear its regular-season points total, potentially without Connor McDavid.

An up-and-down season for the Kings closes with two home games against below-average teams (Wild and Blackhawks). Well rested and motivated for playoff positioning, those who need L.A. to go over 100.5 should feel good, but nothing's guaranteed.

The Islanders are no worse than a push and have two games to manage one point. Appropriately, one more point should get New York into the playoffs, as well, so the art of betting is imitating life here.

Here's a fun one: The Coyotes have one more game to get two points needed to go over their total, and it's against the Oilers in what could be their final game in Arizona before moving to Utah.

The cheat sheet

Each week, we balance market information from regular-season point totals and in-season advanced metrics - with an even-strength focus - to determine the win probability for each team and the moneyline needed to bet on either side.

You can compare those prices with our "price to bet" column to see if you're getting any value with either side's moneyline. There's a possibility that a moneyline moves into a bet-friendly range at some point between the market opening and puck drop.

Apr. 15 MTL@DET 39.2/60.8 MTL +184/DET -149
NSH@PIT 42.7/57.3 NSH +159/PIT -129
BOS@WSH 59.1/40.9 BOS -139/WSH +171
NYI@NJD 47.2/52.8 NYI +131/NJD -107
BUF@TB 43.3/56.7 BUF +154/TB -126
OTT@NYR 41.4/58.6 OTT +167/NYR -136
SJS@EDM 20.4/79.6 SJS +508/EDM -366
MIN@LAK 41.8/58.2 MIN +165/LAK -134
Apr. 16 CAR@CBJ 75.9/24.1 CAR -298/CBJ +397
DET@MTL 52.8/47.2 DET -107/MTL +131
OTT@BOS 40.3/59.7 OTT +175/BOS -142
WSH@PHI 43.2/56.8 WSH +155/PHI -126
TOR@FLA 47.7/52.3 TOR +121/FLA +101
SEA@WPG 43.6/56.4 SEA +152/WPG -124
CHI@VGK 21.4/78.6 CHI +476/VGK -347
Apr. 17 TOR@TB 50.8/49.2 TOR +107/TB +114
PIT@NYI 50.7/49.3 PIT +108/NYI +114
STL@DAL 25.5/74.5 STL +365/DAL -277
EDM@ARI 60.3/39.7 EDM -146/ARI +180
Apr. 18 SEA@MIN 42.7/57.3 SEA +159/MIN -129
VAN@WPG 46.4/53.6 VAN +136/WPG -111
SJS@CGY 22.7/77.3 SJS +434/CGY -322
EDM@COL 36.3/63.7 EDM +210/COL -168
ANA@VGK 27.3/72.7 ANA +328/VGK -253
CHI@LAK 20.5/79.5 CHI +504/LAK -364

It's worth mentioning as the season concludes: The above odds imply both teams have full interest in the game. For example, the Oilers' numbers reflect McDavid sitting out, since there seems little reason for Edmonton to bring him back before the playoffs. Other teams with secure playoff positioning may opt to put any number of roster combinations on the ice, so tread lightly.

Matt Russell is the lead betting analyst for theScore. If there's a bad beat to be had, Matt will find it. Find him on social media @mrussauthentic.

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