GOAT Uniforms: NCAA beauties, NHL classics shine as we enter top 25

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"If you look good, you play good." - Deion Sanders

theScore is counting down the 100 best uniforms in sports history, with a new post every weekday until May 15.

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30. Boston Bruins (1980s)

Denis Brodeur / National Hockey League / Getty

The famous "spoked B" was born in the mid-1950s and has not left the Boston Bruins' chest since. There's been a multitude of variations over the years, but the '80s look is the best the B's have ever had. All their uniforms since these beauties have featured extra outlines on the logo, which cramps the style a bit. Boston has also shifted away from its patented yellow socks recently, and we don't understand why.

29. USC football (current)

Harry How / Getty Images Sport / Getty

USC's ageless uniforms encapsulate the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles, but they do so without an extravagant design. The straightforward cardinal-and-gold combination has been rocked by some of the most accomplished college football players of all time, but they may have been hard to recognize given that USC is the only FBS team that's never used nameplates.

28. Nigeria (2018)


Nigeria's kit at the 2018 World Cup in Russia was proof that bold and ultra-modern can work. This audacious design electrifies the country's colors and signifies speed, flash, and power. Watching these on the pitch was a treat.

27. Chicago Cubs (1970s)

Focus On Sport / Focus on Sport / Getty

The Cubs' blue pinstripes still look fantastic, but their getups in the '70s featured small details that trump today's design. The thick blue waistband, the pullover, and the cub-face logo on the sleeve are all touches that provide character, which there's no shortage of on summer days at Wrigley Field.

26. LSU football (current)

Icon Sportswire / Getty Images

Mardi Gras-esque colors are the only ones that make sense for the top school representing Louisiana. LSU's purple-and-gold digs run deep with southern swagger, and they stand out perfectly in a sport that features far too much repetition when it comes to uniforms. The home whites are iconic, but we admittedly love the rare occasions when we get to see the purple jerseys.

25. Miami Heat (current alternate)

Noah Graham / National Basketball Association / Getty

There's not a uniform in sports that better represents the home team's culture than the Heat's "Vice" jersey. Together, the baby blue and pink (why isn't this combination more common in all leagues?) embody Miami's charisma, and the very '80s font across the chest ties it all together. The Heat have released blue, black, pink, and white versions of this design, and we'd have no issue if they ever pivot to the look full time.

24. Florida football (current)

Mark Brown / Getty Images Sport / Getty

The SEC is full of gorgeous uniforms, and the Gators are no exception. The orange helmets adorned with the trademark cursive font are the signature touch, but Florida has still found a way to subtly incorporate the picturesque Gator-head logo on the current jerseys and pants. The classy stripes and the Jordan-brand embroidery don't hurt Florida's image, either.

23. Toronto Maple Leafs (current)

Mark Blinch / National Hockey League / Getty

The Maple Leafs' 2016 rebrand was a smashing success. The club ditched the worst logo its ever used in favor of a more vintage design to help usher in the Auston Matthews era, and it was the appropriate move for a franchise that's as storied and popular as Toronto. The Leafs are one of three teams in the NHL to use only two colors, and their blue-and-white combo has been worn proudly for nearly 100 years.

22. New Orleans Saints (current alternate)

Chris Graythen / Getty Images Sport / Getty

It's important we specify that the Saints' Color Rush uniforms are the reason they rank this high on our list. New Orleans' standard black-and-gold setup looks good but lacks the details and consistency across elements needed to be great. These all-white gems feature brilliant striping on the sleeves and pants, and the gold numbers shine bright to complete one of the NFL's best sets.

21. Oakland Athletics (current)

Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images Sport / Getty

The A's have plenty of options to pick from in their long history of dazzling uniforms, but the current duds are too clean to overlook. Whether it's the home whites, road greys, or alternate greens, Oakland is dressed for success by sporting colors no major-league team would ever dare to duplicate.

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GOAT Uniforms: NCAA beauties, NHL classics shine as we enter top 25
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