GOAT Uniforms: Nostalgia galore as we hit halfway mark of our countdown

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"If you look good, you play good." - Deion Sanders

theScore is counting down the 100 best uniforms in sports history, with a new post every weekday until May 15.

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60. New England Patriots (1980s)

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New England will always be remembered for the style it rocked for six Super Bowl victories in the 2000s. That's a shame, because the "Pat Patriot" era is easily the franchise's most visually pleasing look. The vibrant red, white, and blue are perfect for a team named after American patriotism, and that logo is vastly superior to the one that succeeded it.

59. Los Angeles Kings (1990s)

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After stunning the hockey world by acquiring Wayne Gretzky in 1988, the Kings decided they needed a new look. The club ditched the purple and gold it shared with the Lakers and instead opted to mimic the Raiders' silver and black. The decision was a hit, and the Kings' popularity soared thanks to their new star and sleek new colors.

58. Houston Astros (1970s)

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Not everyone thinks these jerseys are in the GOAT discussion, but we're here to praise the "Tequila Sunrise" era of the '70s Astros. These uniforms are memorable, fun, and creative - all qualities that help create a classic look. Not every baseball team needs to dress conservatively.

57. Anaheim Mighty Ducks (1990s)

B Bennett / Bruce Bennett / Getty

There's perhaps no greater cult following for a uniform in all of sports than for the Mighty Ducks' look. This cartoonish retro jersey is revered for both its appearance on the ice and for the beloved Disney movie franchise. Since new ownership took these beauties away in 2006 and rebranded the Ducks with a drab black-and-orange set, fans have been dying for the jade-and-eggplant uniforms to make a full-time comeback.

56. Boston Red Sox (current)

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There's just something special about seeing the Red Sox home uniforms under the lights of Fenway Park. Boston has tried a few different colors as alternates and toyed with the grey aways a bit too much for our liking, but the home whites have remained untouched for decades, and we hope that tradition carries on for many years to come.

55. Cleveland Browns (2000s)

Rick Osentoski / USA TODAY Sports

The Browns' decision to return to their roots in their 2020 overhaul was the right one. Cleveland's home look is at classic as it gets in the NFL, and the fact it was taken away from us for five seasons is unforgivable. The brown-and-orange color scheme is unique in a sports world filled with far too much black, red, and blue. We should celebrate it.

54. Calgary Flames (1980s)

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You'll be hard-pressed to find a single fan of the Flames - or of sports aesthetics in general - who thinks Calgary's current black-tinged uniforms are superior to those of the team's heyday in the '80s. The Flames still wear the red version of these timeless sweaters as throwbacks, and they wore the white version for the 2019 Heritage Classic. Teasing us with brief glimpses of these beauties instead of using them on a full-time basis is criminal.

53. Ohio State football (current)

Icon Sportswire / Icon Sportswire / Getty

When the Buckeyes take the field at the Shoe, you know they're going to look good. The scarlet-and-grey color combination is top-notch, and the consistent striping from head to toe, along with the iconic buckeye stickers littering the logo-less helmets, help make this uniform one of the all-time greats in the NCAA ranks. We don't mind the tasteful incorporation of black trim, though it's far from essential.

52. Detroit Tigers (current)

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A timeless and quintessential uniform design. Uncomplicated, trim up the middle around the neck, and a simple font on the back. Detroit's old English-style logo is one of the best in sports, and leaving it isolated on the front of the jersey is all this kit needs to be considered one of the all-time greats.

51. New York Knicks (1990s)

Nathaniel S. Butler / National Basketball Association / Getty

The Knicks have been a punchline for years, but there's no denying New York has at least dressed well through decades of organizational futility. The orange and blue under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden will always draw attention.

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GOAT Uniforms: Nostalgia galore as we hit halfway mark of our countdown
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