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I hail from the same town as Charles Darwin and Joe Hart. Charlie D was more fun on a night out.


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Real Madrid dominates shortlist for FIFA FIFPro World 11
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6 players who deserve more minutes after strong League Cup showings
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Report: Everton donating 2 weeks of Rooney wages to charity
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Chelsea denies any wrongdoing amid FIFA probe into transfers
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Benzema extends Real Madrid stay until 2021
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Welbeck ruled out of Arsenal duty until mid-October
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The Rio route: Winners and losers of athletes who traded sports
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Zidane: Real Madrid contract renewal is 'already done'
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Eden Hazard ready to start in Nottingham Forest visit
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Redknapp accepts managerial career all but over
Cropped 2017 08 13t030716z 134858955 nocid rtrmadp 3 mls vancouver whitecaps fc at new england revolution
New England Revolution sever ties with Jay Heaps
Cropped 2017 09 17t190644z 989495940 rc150b9a8e30 rtrmadp 3 soccer spain
Theo Hernandez sidelined with dislocated shoulder
Cropped 2017 09 11t130041z 1682129191 rc1ee3868e20 rtrmadp 3 soccer champions bay adl preview
Manuel Neuer ruled out until January with foot injury
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United's Herrera says pressure's on big-spending City
Cropped 2017 09 09t133215z 639440158 rc16ea317260 rtrmadp 3 soccer england mci liv
Klopp: Oxlade-Chamberlain joining Liverpool made 'complete sense'
Cropped 2017 09 17t152946z 1857352037 rc138f6dfd40 rtrmadp 3 soccer england mun eve
Manchester United fans urged to drop 'racist' Lukaku chant
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Rio Ferdinand launches bid to become pro boxer
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Silva granted Portugal return while Leicester prepares FIFA appeal
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Report: Manchester City set to offer De Bruyne significant pay rise
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Rooney handed 2-year ban after admitting driving over limit