Photo gallery: Amusing ways to unveil a transfer
Neville Williams / Aston Villa FC / Getty

Unveiling transfers has become a modern vaudeville act where the quest for viral relevance and campy humor clash with the traditional means of announcing a player's signing.

Twitter is, naturally, a viable platform for the movement. Besiktas' "Come to Besiktas" campaign and Roma's whimsical takes are successful endeavors, while others, like Aston Villa's Love Island offering and the Vancouver Whitecaps' version of Pokemon GO have the shelf life of a bruised banana. Yeovil Town's Tinder tweet and Alexis Sanchez tickling more keys than a janitor fall somewhere in between.

Still, in-person presentations reign supreme, and while examples like Santi Cazorla's magical return to Villarreal have attempted to defy convention, there remains the original and admirably antiquated version. With this in mind, here's a look at some of the ways in which footballers have been unveiled:

Hold up a shirt with a club executive

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Barcelona chief Josep Maria Bartomeu, whispering to Antoine Griezmann: "Please refute the reports that we first discussed your transfer in March, thus denying Atletico's tampering claims.

Griezmann: "I'm very happy to be here, and thank you to Mr. Bartomeu, who first spoke to me in March about moving to the club."

Hold up a shirt with a club executive and your entire family

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Real Madrid czar Florentino Perez was chuffed to meet Eden Hazard, his folks, and his three footballing brothers, Thorgan, Kylian, and Steve. Hazard Sr. was then whisked backstage to have his reproductive fluids cryogenically frozen.

Take a selfie with supporters

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Following the photo op within the bowels of the Santiago Bernabeu, Hazard pulled a John Terry and swapped a suit for a kit, taking a selfie with some rapturous Los Blancos supporters and the back of a steward's head.

Hold up a shirt at the club shop

Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC / Juventus FC / Getty

Former Arsenal stud Aaron Ramsey was gifted a chance to win an unchallenged Scudetto at Juventus. It does appear the Welshman may have competition with his side hustle at the club shop, however.

Use a heat press to put your name/number on shirt

Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC / Juventus FC / Getty

And that challenger would be Adrien Rabiot, who, like Ramsey, was put to work upon his arrival in Turin, using what the Frenchman kept referring to as a "panini press" to emblazon a shirt with his own personal touch, his name.

Nervously answer questions in a foreign language

Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency / Getty

If the lighting chosen for Joao Felix's unveiling had the feel of a hostage video, it's probably because Atletico boss Diego Simeone was just out of view holding the Portuguese youngster's family captive.

Pose for a photo with the stadium in the background

David Price / Arsenal FC / Getty

Arsenal's Gab Martinelli grinned with the Emirates as a backdrop. Asked why he chose the spot, the teen gestured to the train tracks below. "I like trains." It was at that moment the Gunners' brass knew they'd signed an odd one.

Pose for a photo in front of the club's training facility while holding a shirt

Matt Watson / Southampton FC / Getty

Saints newcomer Che Adams exhibits the "this is where all the hard work is done" snap in front of the club training center. Nice of the lad to arrive on the south coast with all of his personal items in one pocket.

Pose for a photo inside the club's training facility while holding a shirt

Plumb Images / Leicester City FC / Getty

Big-money Leicester addition Ayoze Perez doubles down on the training center photo with one from the Foxes' grounds. A bit like Inception the way he's holding the same shirt he's wearing.

Pose for a photo at a local train station while pretending you're taking a call

Neville Williams / Aston Villa FC / Getty

Photographer, who is actually Gabriel Martinelli in disguise: Okay, Tyrone Mings, gaze off into the distance and imagine you're on a romantic evening out with the missus, who is a train.

Photo gallery: Amusing ways to unveil a transfer
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