Bruins' Rask doesn't know the name of the award he's up for

Katie Flynn
Jean-Yves Ahern / USA Today Sports

The Boston Bruins have a few of their players nominated for awards at the NHL's annual award show Tuesday night in Las Vegas.

While the players were in a relaxed setting, Bruins netminder Tuukka Rask was asked about the award he was up for, the Vezina Trophy, and the award Patrice Bergeron was up for, the Selke Trophy.

Whether it was a slip of the mind, or he actually did not know the name of the award, Rask continued to explain why the Bruins are up for three awards, "It means that we have a good goaltender, one defenseman and a good forward."

He followed that up with, "It's always Saturday in Vegas." Please note, this is Rask's first trip to Vegas.

Maybe he's been hanging out with party animal Zdeno Chara. He knows how to have the most fun while in Vegas.