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NHL completes teasers for all 31 Reverse Retro jerseys

The NHL has finished teasing every fan base, as previews of all 31 Reverse Retro jerseys have now been unveiled.

The project features a new design for each club that draws its inspiration from a kit the team once wore. More details will follow.

The full uniforms will be released Nov. 16, but here's an idea of what to expect from your favourite team.

Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins

The infamous menacing bear's head will be featured as a shoulder patch while the Bruins embrace a dominant gold.

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres are sticking with the wonderful royal blue, yellow, and white color scheme while using the famed buffalo head as a shoulder patch.

Detroit Red Wings

Detroit's teaser leaves much to the imagination, but it's clear the jersey will be predominantly white and extremely clean.

Florida Panthers

Florida is using its modern gold-and-red color scheme while utilizing the team's secondary logo of a palm tree and hockey stick as the shoulder crest. Hopefully the original ferocious Panther logo makes it on the front as the primary logo.

Montreal Canadiens

The Canadiens are ditching their usual primary color of red and going with an inverted jersey featuring a dominant blue with a red stripe.

Ottawa Senators

It appears the Senators will be bringing back the team's inaugural jersey in some capacity while using the club's current color scheme.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay is using its old Lightning crest as a shoulder patch, and the club is sticking with the classic blue-and-white combo. The design takes its inspiration from 2004, the first season the Lightning won the Stanley Cup.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs are surprisingly introducing grey, with a simple blue maple leaf as the shoulder patch. The sweater will be based on the team's design from 1970, but it doesn't seem like Toronto will push as many boundaries as some other teams.

Metropolitan Division

Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes are going with a Whalers design, which seems like it'll be incredible.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus hasn't established a long history to work with, but it appears the Blue Jackets will briefly be the Red Jackets during the 2020-21 season.

Philadelphia Flyers

Philly seems to be throwing it back to the days of Eric Lindros' dominance, but with a twist.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins really didn't include much in their teaser. Due to the amount of outdoor games that have featured Pittsburgh in recent years, the team may need to get extra creative to give us a design we haven't seen.

New Jersey Devils

Based on the colour scheme of New Jersey's design, this kit could be the perfect Christmas gift for the Devils fan in your life.

New York Islanders

The Islanders appear to be using a darker base color. We'll see if there's any hidden creative touches.

New York Rangers

It looks as though the Lady Liberty design is returning imminently to the Big Apple.

Washington Capitals

Washington is sticking with its current color combination, but the Capitals teased the logo used at the start of the Alex Ovechkin era. Consider us intrigued.

Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks

A black alternate is returning to the Windy City. This Blackhawks design could be excellent.

Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche were one of the only teams to provide extra details, and we're glad they did. An ode to the Quebec Nordiques is coming.

Dallas Stars

The shoulder patch hints at the Stars using the design they wore while winning their only Stanley Cup.

Minnesota Wild

The Wild are set to rock North Stars colors. This look has the potential to be excellent.

Nashville Predators

The Predators are bringing back their old silver sleeves, though that part of the jersey isn't as shiny as it was before. Pair that with some excess yellow, and these sweaters could get wild.

St. Louis Blues

One thing is for sure: These are going to be bright.

Winnipeg Jets

While the other relocated franchises are featuring their roots in some way, the Jets decided not to pay tribute to the Atlanta Thrashers' unique colors.

Pacific Division

Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim's inaugural and wildly popular Mighty Ducks logo will be the shoulder patch, and the nameplate looks like it'll feature a unique cartoon font.

Arizona Coyotes

The vibrant purple color is flashy for Arizona, but the big question here is whether the beloved Kachina Coyote will be the primary logo.

Calgary Flames

The Flames are seemingly keeping it simple. The team's current primary logo is the shoulder patch, and the club is going with a predominantly black color scheme.

Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton didn't divulge much regarding its logo, with the team focusing on the color scheme and design.

Los Angeles Kings

The Kings made the right call by going back to the team's incredible purple-and-gold color scheme.

San Jose Sharks

San Jose teased a simple teal-and-white color scheme, leaving out the logo and shoulder patch for now.

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks' new sweater will feature a green, blue, and white color scheme, but it looks like the jersey will be mostly dark blue.

Vegas Golden Knights

There isn't much of a past for the Golden Knights to draw on, but the team created a vibrant red jersey with a new logo up front.

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