Quarantine Power Rankings: TikTok challenges and wacky workouts
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Athletes everywhere continue to get creative as they deal with their respective leagues being on hiatus. Some are better at it than others. Every Sunday throughout May, we'll look back on the week that was before crowning a quarantine king or queen. Here are the top isolation moments from the sports world over the last seven days.

10. 'What up, 'Bron!'

There's just something pure - and surprisingly soothing - about watching LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and JR Smith casually enjoy a bike ride in the Los Angeles sunshine. The excitement of this Lakers fan when he catches a glimpse of James only adds to the feel-good nature of it all.

9. Tom, Gisele take the 'Couples Challenge'

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen took part in TikTok's "Couples Challenge," which asks couples to close their eyes and answer a series of rapid-fire questions about their relationship, often with wildly entertaining results. All the family secrets, like which of the two is "more annoying when hungry," are revealed.

8. No pooping in the squat rack

Let's start off by saying that New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban is in ridiculous shape. Based on the wildly challenging workout below, he'll be ready if the NHL does make its return this season. Far more importantly, though, are we just supposed to ignore the toilet in the squat rack? When you gotta go ...

7. Special delivery from FedEx

Any NBA teams out there looking for a spot-up 3-point shooter in anticipation of the league's return this summer? Call this FedEx employee. He delivers from downtown.

6. Cutch is getting good at this

From imaginative home videos to sleepy workout regimes, Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen has become something of a social media star over these past couple months. So has his alter ego, Uncle Larry.

5. A whole new fan experience

With fans unable to attend matches amid the pandemic, Danish soccer club AGF Aarhus came up with a unique solution, inviting 10,000 supporters to a Zoom party and placing giant screens in the stands so they could watch their season opener "in person." Better yet, they got to see a last-minute equalizer.

4. Take your workout to the next level

Staying in peak physical condition has required professional athletes everywhere to devise creative workouts, but Marlon Humphrey's latest effort takes the cake. Just watching the Baltimore Ravens cornerback and his brother sprint up this gravel hill is enough to make your quads burn.

We're with Humphrey's former teammate Eric Weddle on this one:

3. One small step for Gritty

Gritty commemorated this weekend's successful SpaceX rocket launch by taking one giant leap of his own on social media. Never change, Gritty.

2. Egg on your face

With the French soccer season canceled, Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar is keeping himself busy and entertained by pranking his 8-year-old son, Davi Lucca. Take a miniature header challenge, start with some ping pong balls, then throw an egg into the mix and see what happens. Parenting 101.

1. Bolts Fly Together

In an ode to a classic scene from "The Mighty Ducks" film franchise, Tampa Bay Lightning forward Alex Killorn rounded up his teammates - rescuing them from their respective oddball tasks - to create this spectacular video, which culminates in a Sea-Doo "Flying V" formation.

Quarantine Power Rankings: TikTok challenges and wacky workouts
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