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Chasing the GOAT: How does Mahomes compare to Brady at 28?

Julian Catalfo / theScore

Three Super Bowls and three Super Bowl MVPs - that's the resume Patrick Mahomes has already built for himself at just 28 years old. After establishing the Kansas City Chiefs as the first dynasty since the New England Patriots, there's only one question remaining:

How long until he catches the GOAT?

Mahomes still has a long way to go before matching Tom Brady's seven Lombardi Trophies. But when it comes to early career pace, Mahomes may hold the advantage.

Let's start by comparing how Mahomes and Brady stacked up through their age-28 campaigns in regular-season play. While Mahomes has the benefit of one more year's worth of games as a starter, it's age that ultimately dictates the length of an NFL career.

Regular season at 28

Of course, Brady began his career in a different era - the early 2000s NFL didn't quite feature the high-powered passing attacks that dominate the league today. It wasn't until 2007 that his counting stats started to trend upward as he was unleashed in the Patriots' juggernaut passing attack. Mahomes, meanwhile, has been lighting up the stat sheet from the jump.

The real legacy-defining comparison comes by evaluating postseason success. Brady and Mahomes both have a knack for stepping up in the big moment and leading their teams to victories when it matters most.

Playoffs at 28

Brady's mystique stems just as much from his immortal-like longevity as it does from his unmatched seven titles. Whether Mahomes can match Brady's staying power in his own quest for the GOAT crown is unknown. But with the pace he's on, maybe he won't even need to.

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