Fantasy: 10-team mock draft with analysis after every round
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theScore staff took part in a 10-team, 12-round mock to provide a glimpse of what your drafts could look like and give some insight on what to watch for in each round.

This is a PPR (point per reception) scoring league with the following roster spots: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, BN, BN, BN, BN. We left off defenses and kickers, as they normally get selected in the final two rounds.

Draft participants: Justin Boone, Caitlyn Holroyd, Mike Alessandrini, Alex Chippin, Gino Bottero, Taylor Rohaly, Ian Dalley, Dan Levine, Andrew Brennan, Sean Tomlinson.

Round 1

Pick Player Owner
1 Christian McCaffrey (RB1) Rohaly
2 Saquon Barkley (RB2) Dalley
3 Alvin Kamara (RB3) Bottero
4 David Johnson (RB4) Boone
5 Ezekiel Elliott (RB5) Alessandrini
6 Le'Veon Bell (RB6) Chippin
7 DeAndre Hopkins (WR1) Levine
8 Travis Kelce (TE1) Brennan
9 Michael Thomas (WR2) Tomlinson
10 James Conner (RB7) Holroyd

Round 1: McCaffrey over Barkley with the No. 1 pick isn't that shocking given the state of the Giants' offense. The two backs are interchangeable if you're selecting first overall ... With Elliott's holdout scaring me, I went with Johnson in the fourth slot. Though Zeke will likely return better value, the Cowboys' star can't do that if he's not on the field, and I'm concerned enough about his availability to bump him down a few spots ... Bell goes a little earlier than usual, but after the first five picks, you can make an argument for about half a dozen players ... Kelce in the first round is starting to gain steam, though Tyreek Hill avoiding a suspension takes some of the shine off his monster upside. Still, in a 10-team league, you need elite talent to win, and Kelce provides a massive advantage at tight end.

Round 2

Pick Player Owner
11 Davante Adams (WR3) Holroyd
12 Julio Jones (WR4) Tomlinson
13 Odell Beckham Jr. (WR5) Brennan
14 JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR6) Levine
15 Mike Evans (WR7) Chippin
16 Tyreek Hill (WR8) Alessandrini
17 Nick Chubb (RB8) Boone
18 Antonio Brown (WR9) Bottero
19 Joe Mixon (RB9) Dalley
20 Todd Gurley (RB10) Rohaly

Round 2: With concerns about Mixon's offense, Gurley's health, and Melvin Gordon's holdout, we see an early run on receivers in this round. It's hard to dispute any of the picks, but we'd normally see a few running backs mixed in during the first half of the second round ... Thanks to that string of wideout selections, I was happy to see Chubb fall to me at 2.07. Entering his sophomore year, Chubb is being undervalued after the Browns signed Kareem Hunt, even though the former Chief won't be available until Week 10, if at all. By then Chubb will have guided his fantasy managers to the top of their league's standings. He's a borderline first-round fantasy talent in my rankings.

Round 3

Pick Player Owner
21 George Kittle (TE2) Rohaly
22 Melvin Gordon (RB11) Dalley
23 Dalvin Cook (RB12) Bottero
24 Keenan Allen (WR10) Boone
25 Adam Thielen (WR11) Alessandrini
26 Kerryon Johnson (RB13) Chippin
27 Aaron Jones (RB14) Levine
28 Amari Cooper (WR12) Brennan
29 T.Y. Hilton (WR13) Tomlinson
30 Damien Williams (RB15) Holroyd

Round 3: It was very disappointing when Kittle went off the board because he's a perfect target early in the third round. Kittle is one of the few tight ends who can offer similar upside to Kelce, and he comes at a cheaper price ... Gordon's slide ends at 3.02 as Team Dalley opens with Barkley, Mixon, and Gordon - a start that would have seemed impossible just a few weeks ago. If Gordon ends his holdout, that's a league-winning trio ... Team Rohaly and Team Dalley pass on receivers with their first three picks, which isn't as dangerous in a 10-team league. There's a lot of value at the position in the next few rounds.

Round 4

Pick Player Owner
31 Zach Ertz (TE3) Holroyd
32 Stefon Diggs (WR14) Tomlinson
33 Devonta Freeman (RB16) Brennan
34 Marlon Mack (RB17) Levine
35 Tyler Boyd (WR15) Chippin
36 Phillip Lindsay (RB18) Alessandrini
37 Julian Edelman (WR16) Boone
38 Patrick Mahomes (QB1) Bottero
39 Brandin Cooks (WR17) Dalley
40 Robert Woods (WR18) Rohaly

Round 4: Ertz goes off the board with the first pick of the fourth round. With all the weapons in the Eagles' passing attack, fantasy managers are realizing Ertz is unlikely to repeat his 116-catch season from 2018, putting him a little further behind Kelce and Kittle, the top two tight ends. He's still a solid pick in this range ... Team Tomlinson is on a zero RB path, which is also slightly easier to pull off in a 10-team league. I prefer the receivers in the middle rounds to the running backs, but we'll see what Tomlinson can find in the next few rounds ... My receiving corps is coming along nicely with Allen and Edelman, two PPR studs. After his four-game suspension last year, Edelman was on pace for 99 catches, 1,133 yards, and eight touchdowns. He's one of just two proven pass-catchers in New England, along with running back James White.

Round 5

Pick Player Owner
41 Kenny Golladay (WR19) Rohaly
42 A.J. Green (WR20) Dalley
43 Chris Godwin (WR21) Bottero
44 Mark Ingram (RB19) Boone
45 Tyler Lockett (WR22) Alessandrini
46 Josh Jacobs (RB20) Chippin
47 O.J. Howard (TE4) Levine
48 James White (RB21) Brennan
49 David Montgomery (RB22) Tomlinson
50 D.J. Moore (WR23) Holroyd

Round 5: After their zero-WR starts, Team Rohaly and Team Dalley end up with Woods-Golladay and Cooks-Green, respectively. Green is set to miss time early in the year and will be at an elevated risk of injury when he returns. However, Team Dalley is taking big swings with Gordon's holdout potentially ending, and Green's upside in the second half of the season. To win a shallow league, you need elite players at every position, and Team Dalley has a chance to hold one of the best rosters if it can survive the first half of the season ... Ingram is a major value in the fifth round. If Gus Edwards was the RB18 in PPR during Lamar Jackson's six starts in 2018, Ingram has a chance to be a low-end RB1 this season. Between the volume of the Ravens' rushing attack and the presence of Jackson's dual-threat abilities, Ingram is primed for a career year.

Round 6

Pick Player Owner
51 Cooper Kupp (WR24) Holroyd
52 Evan Engram (TE5) Tomlinson
53 Alshon Jeffery (WR25) Brennan
54 Leonard Fournette (RB23) Levine
55 Calvin Ridley (WR26) Chippin
56 Derrick Henry (RB24) Alessandrini
57 Hunter Henry (TE6) Boone
58 Kenyan Drake (RB25) Bottero
59 Allen Robinson (WR27) Dalley
60 Sony Michel (RB26) Rohaly

Round 6: While Derrick Henry's fall to the sixth round is understandable in a PPR format, Fournette won't last this long in almost any league. Our staff has been reading my articles all offseason about Fournette being a bust candidate, mostly due to his injury history. He's generally coming off the board in the third round, according to his ADP, so don't expect to get him in this area of your draft ... After being sidelined due to injury, Michel has recently returned to practice, so his stock should begin to climb. If healthy, Michel is a top-20 fantasy back, especially if reports of the Patriots using him more as a pass-catcher are true ... Hunter Henry is in my third tier of tight ends, and as the final member of that group on the board, he's my pick in the sixth. While Jared Cook, Vance McDonald, and some other deeper options are intriguing, I prefer to come away with one of the top five at the position.

Round 7

Pick Player Owner
61 Christian Kirk (WR28) Rohaly
62 Mike Williams (WR29) Dalley
63 Robby Anderson (WR30) Bottero
64 Dante Pettis (WR31) Boone
65 Geronimo Allison (WR32) Alessandrini
66 Jared Cook (TE7) Chippin
67 Deshaun Watson (QB2) Levine
68 Tarik Cohen (RB27) Brennan
69 Lamar Miller (RB28) Tomlinson
70 Chris Carson (RB29) Holroyd

Round 7: Remember that receiver value I spoke about earlier? Well, it's still going strong in the seventh round as Kirk, Williams, Anderson, Pettis, and Allison make up the first half of the round. All five wideouts have top-30 upside, making them ideal targets in this area of the draft ... Team Tomlinson, the squad that kicked things off with four straight receivers, was able to secure a quality tight end in Engram last round. At running back, Tomlinson's fifth-round pick of Montgomery has a high ceiling if the rookie can emerge from a crowded Bears' backfield. Tomlinson also scooped up Miller as his RB2 this round, a veteran who seems to overcome job security concerns every season.

Round 8

Pick Player Owner
71 Jarvis Landry (WR33) Holroyd
72 Aaron Rodgers (QB3) Tomlinson
73 Sterling Shepard (WR34) Brennan
74 Austin Ekeler (RB30) Levine
75 Marquez Valdes-Scantling (WR35) Chippin
76 Tevin Coleman (RB31) Alessandrini
77 Sammy Watkins (WR36) Boone
78 Miles Sanders (RB32) Bottero
79 Andrew Luck (QB4) Dalley
80 Rashaad Penny (RB33) Rohaly

Round 8: Shepard, Valdes-Scantling, and my pick Watkins still offer strong upside value at receiver in this round. As I pointed out in the Chiefs' projections post, Watkins was a solid fantasy asset in 2018 when he was on the field for at least 75 percent of the team's snaps. Unfortunately, that only happened eight times due to injuries. He's a boom-or-bust WR3 with week-winning potential every time he takes the field with Mahomes ... Ekeler, Coleman, Sanders, and Penny are the exact type of running back to aim for at this point in the draft. Each back will be given a path to production in a timeshare while also offering a top-20 ceiling if they see starter's touches at any point this season.

Round 9

Pick Player Owner
81 Cam Newton (QB5) Rohaly
82 Marvin Jones (WR37) Dalley
83 Will Fuller (WR38) Bottero
84 Darrell Henderson (RB34) Boone
85 Carson Wentz (QB6) Alessandrini
86 Matt Ryan (QB7) Chippin
87 Larry Fitzgerald (WR39) Levine
88 Corey Davis (WR40) Brennan
89 Jordan Howard (RB35) Tomlinson
90 Dede Westbrook (WR41) Holroyd

Round 9: Here come the quarterbacks. Now that Newton appears to be recovered from his shoulder injury, we should see his ADP creep up. Wentz is one of my favorite passers to target because of the Eagles' talent at the skill positions, and the offensive line in front of him. Ryan will be playing behind an upgraded set of blockers, and the Falcons return a pass-catching corps that helped him finish as the QB2 behind Mahomes last year ... To drive this point home, take a quick look at the receivers still being selected: Jones, Fuller, Fitzgerald, Davis, and Westbrook. They're all capable of being a strong WR3 in your lineup ... Henderson is a pure upside pick for me. He'll sit on my bench until we see how Gurley performs early in the season.

Round 10

Pick Player Owner
91 Baker Mayfield (QB8) Holroyd
92 Golden Tate (WR42) Tomlinson
93 Russell Wilson (QB9) Brennan
94 Peyton Barber (RB36) Levine
95 Royce Freeman (RB37) Chippin
96 Eric Ebron (TE8) Alessandrini
97 Curtis Samuel (WR43) Boone
98 Derrius Guice (RB38) Bottero
99 Vance McDonald (TE9) Dalley
100 DeSean Jackson (WR44) Rohaly

Round 10: Team Rohaly and Team Dalley have done a nice job filling out their receiver slots after avoiding the position early in the draft. Team Rohaly selected Woods, Golladay, Kirk, and Jackson, while Team Dalley is five deep with Cooks, Green, Robinson, Mike Williams, and Marvin Jones ... Guice, Freeman, and Barber are decent dart throws in this round, though each is locked into a backfield battle that could lead to limited touches ... Of my picks, Samuel was by far the one that stood out as the best value. He put up 70-plus yards and/or a touchdown in five of his last seven performances of 2018. Moore gets all the hype in Carolina, but Samuel isn't far behind.

Round 11

Pick Player Owner
101 Kalen Ballage (RB39) Rohaly
102 LeSean McCoy (RB40) Dalley
103 David Njoku (TE10) Bottero
104 Kyler Murray (QB10) Boone
105 Keke Coutee (WR45) Alessandrini
106 Marquise Goodwin (WR46) Chippin
107 N'Keal Harry (WR47) Levine
108 James Washington (WR48) Brennan
109 Courtland Sutton (WR49) Tomlinson
110 Ronald Jones (RB41) Holroyd

Round 11: As talent starts to dry up at other positions, I've left selecting a quarterback until the end. With every team already owning its starter, I get my pick of two high-upside passers in the final rounds. Since this is a 10-team league, a double or a triple here isn't going to get you a title. So in an effort to hit a home run, I take Murray, who brings his rushing skills to Kliff Kingsbury's high-volume spread attack, giving him an unlimited ceiling if everything falls into place ... Despite their lack of top-end ability, Ballage and Jones are sneaky values in this range due to the uncertainty in their backfields.

Round 12

Pick Player Owner
111 Emmanuel Sanders (WR50) Holroyd
112 D'Onta Foreman (RB42) Tomlinson
113 Nyheim Hines (RB43) Brennan
114 T.J. Hockenson (TE11) Levine
115 Tre'Quan Smith (WR51) Chippin
116 Devin Funchess (WR52) Alessandrini
117 Jameis Winston (QB11) Boone
118 Anthony Miller (WR53) Bottero
119 Michael Gallup (WR54) Dalley
120 John Brown (WR55) Rohaly

Round 12: Team Tomlinson wisely takes Foreman in the final round, pairing him with Miller to control the Texans' backfield ... Sanders could be the steal of the draft if he's fully recovered from his torn Achilles. All signs suggest he's well ahead of schedule ... Getting Miller, Gallup, and John Brown here again shows the depth at receiver ... To finalize my squad, I grabbed another high-upside quarterback in Winston. He'll join forces with Murray to give me two shots at hitting on a top-five passer. If they both flop, I can easily pivot to one of many quarterbacks who weren't selected, like Jared Goff, Drew Brees, Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson, Mitch Trubisky, Ben Roethlisberger, Josh Allen, Philip Rivers, Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady, Kirk Cousins, or Sam Darnold. That's how deep the position is this year.

Fantasy: 10-team mock draft with analysis after every round
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