NFL Power Rankings: Eagles rule, Seahawks in unfamiliar territory entering preseason

The NFL Power Rankings are selected by a panel of theScore's football editors, including Mike Alessandrini, Jack Browne, Michael McClymont, and Arun Srinivasan.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
1 1 1 1

Underdogs no more, the Eagles won't be underestimated in 2018. And they have four weeks left to ensure Carson Wentz is right for the season opener. - McClymont

2. Minnesota Vikings

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
2 2 3 4

The Vikings have no weaknesses on their roster and upgraded at quarterback by signing Kirk Cousins. Translation: Watch out, NFL. - Alessandrini

3. Los Angeles Rams

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
3 4 2 3

The Rams are all-in on winning a Super Bowl. The only thing left for them to do is pay Aaron Donald what he's demanding. This could be the NFL's most fun team - again! - Srinivasan

4. New England Patriots

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
4 3 5 2

Julian Edelman's suspended, wideouts are dropping like flies, and first-round draft pick Sony Michel will miss the preseason with an injury. Uncharacteristically, the Patriots have too much offseason drama to warrant a top-three spot. - McClymont

5. New Orleans Saints

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
5 7 7 6

Mark Ingram's four-game ban stings, as it might require either Drew Brees or Alvin Kamara to shoulder more work early on than the Saints would prefer. Still, New Orleans should survive and then thrive with one of the league's best rosters. - Browne

6. Atlanta Falcons

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
8 5 8 5

With the Julio Jones contract saga in the rear-view mirror, the Falcons can focus on dethroning the Saints. That'll require a big leap in performance, particularly from second-year offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. - Browne

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
7 6 6 7

The Triple Bs are back for what could be their final year together. Pittsburgh's defense has to improve, though. Allowing 45 points to Jacksonville won't cut it. - Alessandrini

8. Jacksonville Jaguars

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
10 8 4 8

The Jaguars are arguably the most talented AFC squad, but as they displayed in the second half of the conference title game, all the great defensive plays in the world won't make up for a QB who can't get it done in critical situations. - Browne

9. Kansas City Chiefs

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
6 11 13 10

Kansas City's bid for a fourth consecutive playoff appearance relies on the arm of second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes, a talented but volatile prospect. - Srinivasan

10. Green Bay Packers

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
9 9 11 12

After missing nine games in 2017, Aaron Rodgers is ready to unleash his anger in the form of elite quarterbacking. That's terrifying news for opponents. - Alessandrini

11. Carolina Panthers

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
15 12 9 9

Kelvin Benjamin's criticism of Cam Newton was harsh, but it is fair to question how the former MVP's skill set will mesh with new OC Norv Turner's system. - Browne

12. Los Angeles Chargers

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
12 10 15 11

The Chargers have all the tools to become Super Bowl contenders, but they need to finally be better than the sum of their parts. - Srinivasan

13. Houston Texans

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
17 13 10 13

The Texans may be the biggest boom-or-bust team in the league. If Deshaun Watson, J.J. Watt, and Jadeveon Clowney are all fully healthy, Houston's ceiling is title contention. If they're not, though, this top-heavy roster could struggle. - Browne

14. Tennessee Titans

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
13 14 12 14

Marcus Mariota is finally free of Mike Mularkey's ill-fitting system. The time is now for the exciting young pivot to show the rest of the league his talent. - Browne

15. Detroit Lions

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
11 16 14 16

After adding LeGarrette Blount and Kerryon Johnson, a Detroit running back may surpass 100 yards in a game for the first time since Nov. 28, 2013. - Alessandrini

16. San Francisco 49ers

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
16 15 20 17

Arguably the most polarizing team in the NFL, the Jimmy Garoppolo-led 49ers need to prove that last season's late surge wasn't a fluke. - Srinivasan

17. Dallas Cowboys

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
18 19 17 15

If everyone stopped talking about the anthem for a minute, the Cowboys might realize they're about to open the preseason with perhaps the worst receiving corps this side of Buffalo. - McClymont

18. Baltimore Ravens

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
23 17 16 18

Baltimore's future is in Lamar Jackson's hands. Its present, however, remains in Joe Flacco's. Hang in there, Ravens fans. - Alessandrini

19. Washington Redskins

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
14 20 21 22

There are plenty of new faces in D.C. - first and foremost, Alex Smith - making Washington a team to watch this preseason to see how all the new parts meld with the old guard. - McClymont

20. New York Giants

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
21 18 18 23

The pain of 2017 has been washed away like a bad Ben McAdoo hairstyle. Odell's healthy, Eli's revitalized, and Saquon's the savior for what's been a perennially poor running game. - McClymont

21. Denver Broncos

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
19 24 22 20

Von Miller can steal games by himself and the Broncos' defense remains star-studded. Until the offense shows signs of life, though, Denver can't move further up. - Srinivasan

22. Oakland Raiders

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
22 23 19 21

Can the $100-million man lead the Raiders back to glory? It's certainly an uphill battle after an offseason of negativity. - Srinivasan

23. Seattle Seahawks

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
24 22 23 19

These aren't the dominant Seahawks of yesteryear and the defense will have to adjust to several new pieces, but Russell Wilson is good enough to keep the team somewhat competitive. - Srinivasan

24. Chicago Bears

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
20 21 24 24

Old-school John Fox is out. Enter new-school Matt Nagy. Chicago's 2018 success, however, lies squarely on second-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky's shoulders. - Alessandrini

25. Arizona Cardinals

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
26 25 25 25

There isn't much to look forward to, but Larry Fitzgerald remains one of the NFL's true delights. - Srinivasan

26. Miami Dolphins

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
25 27 28 26

Head coach Adam Gase messed with the media this week when he listed both Kenyan Drake and Frank Gore as his starting RB. No, you're not an a------, Adam. You're simply as confused as we are by this roster. - McClymont

27. Indianapolis Colts

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
27 26 26 28

If you haven't heard, Andrew Luck is practicing again. The Colts lack talent all over the field, but a fully functioning Luck has masked that in years past. Can his shoulders bear that weight after more than 18 months on the sidelines? - Browne

28. Cincinnati Bengals

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
28 28 27 27

Death, taxes, and a Marvin Lewis/Andy Dalton-led Bengals team. - Alessandrini

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
29 30 29 30

Teams that start 0-3 almost always miss the playoffs, and the Jameis Winston-less Bucs begin the year against the Saints, Steelers, and Eagles. Tampa could be looking to 2019 before the QB even steps back onto the field. - Browne

30. Cleveland Browns

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
30 29 30 32

With a plethora of changes this offseason, Cleveland may finally be ready to emerge from the NFL's basement. We'll have to see it to believe it, though. - Alessandrini

31. Buffalo Bills

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
31 32 31 29

The Bills' QB competition cleared up a little last week when Johnny Manziel was traded east of Buffalo to Montreal. - McClymont

32. New York Jets

Alessandrini Browne McClymont Srinivasan
32 31 32 31

The Jets' three-way quarterback battle will be one to watch in preseason - that is, if you want to see whose passes Terrelle Pryor is dropping. - McClymont

NFL Power Rankings: Eagles rule, Seahawks in unfamiliar territory entering preseason
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