Fantasy: 10-team mock draft with analysis after every round

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theScore staff took part in a 10-team, 12-round mock to offer some insight on what to watch for in each round.

This is a PPR (point per reception) scoring league with the following roster spots: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, BN, BN, BN, BN. We omitted defenders and kickers, as they normally get selected in the final two rounds.

Draft participants: Justin Boone, Gino Bottero, Caitlyn Holroyd, Jack Browne, Daniel Valente, Matt Washington, Caio Miari, Alex Moretto, Taylor Rohaly, Ian Dalley.

Round 1

Pick Player Team
1 Christian McCaffrey (RB1) Boone
2 Alvin Kamara (RB2) Bottero
3 Dalvin Cook (RB3) Holroyd
4 Derrick Henry (RB4) Browne
5 Antonio Gibson (RB5) Valente
6 Ezekiel Elliott (RB6) Washington
7 Saquon Barkley (RB7) Miari
8 Jonathan Taylor (RB8) Moretto
9 Aaron Jones (RB9) Rohaly
10 Nick Chubb (RB10) Dalley

Round 1: The first round wasn't just dominated by running backs - it was completely consumed by them. All 10 picks went to the position, as managers scrambled to get an RB1 before the well ran dry in the early rounds. While you can nitpick the order they came off the board, every player in this round has top-five upside. The only back inside my top 10 that didn't appear here is Cam Akers.

Round 2

Pick Player Team
11 Tyreek Hill (WR1) Dalley
12 DeAndre Hopkins (WR2) Rohaly
13 Travis Kelce (TE1) Moretto
14 Austin Ekeler (RB11) Miari
15 Stefon Diggs (WR3) Washington
16 Najee Harris (RB12) Valente
17 Calvin Ridley (WR4) Browne
18 Davante Adams (WR5) Holroyd
19 Joe Mixon (RB13) Bottero
20 Cam Akers (RB14) Boone

Round 2: Anyone questioning whether a tight end deserves to be selected this early needs to remember Travis Kelce was a cheat code in fantasy last season. In addition to finishing as the No. 1 tight end for the fifth straight year, Kelce averaged nearly 10 points per game more than the TE3. His 20.9 points per game would have made him the WR3 in 2020.

After being surprised Akers wasn't one of the running backs taken in the opening round, I was ecstatic to see him fall to me at the end of the second. The Rams continue to talk about the former second-rounder as an every-down option, which is a rare commodity these days. And that's exactly how they deployed him over the final month - he saw at least 22 touches in three of his last four outings.

Round 3

Pick Player Team
21 Darren Waller (TE2) Boone
22 DK Metcalf (WR6) Bottero
23 Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB15) Holroyd
24 Justin Jefferson (WR7) Browne
25 A.J. Brown (WR8) Valente
26 J.K. Dobbins (RB16) Washington
27 Keenan Allen (WR9) Miari
28 Terry McLaurin (WR10) Moretto
29 George Kittle (TE3) Rohaly
30 David Montgomery (RB17) Dalley

Round 3: Darren Waller was the only tight end who came anywhere near Kelce's production last season and he warrants consideration as a third-round pick (maybe even second) this year. Waller also averaged top-10 WR numbers for fantasy, and as the unchallenged top receiving weapon in the Raiders' offense, the 28-year-old is headed for another monster campaign. He gets the slight nod over George Kittle, who's dealing with target competition, injury history, and a potential run-heavy offense once rookie quarterback Trey Lance gets under center. Regardless, investing in one of the elite tight ends is something I'm trying to do in as many drafts as possible this season.

Round 4

Pick Player Team
31 Michael Thomas (WR11) Dalley
32 Chris Carson (RB18) Rohaly
33 D'Andre Swift (RB19) Moretto
34 Robert Woods (WR12) Miari
35 Allen Robinson (WR13) Washington
36 CeeDee Lamb (WR14) Valente
37 Amari Cooper (WR15) Browne
38 Mike Evans (WR16) Holroyd
39 Julio Jones (WR17) Bottero
40 D.J. Moore (WR18) Boone

Round 4: With two strong running backs and a difference-making tight end already on the roster, my focus shifted to backfilling at receiver. Fortunately, there's plenty of talent left in Round 4 and beyond - when the other two positions fall off a cliff. D.J. Moore is a 24-year-old wideout who's accumulated 153 receptions, 2,368 yards, and eight touchdowns over the last two seasons while playing with average passers. Even if Sam Darnold doesn't pan out in Carolina, Moore will be fine.

Round 5

Pick Player Team
41 Ja'Marr Chase (WR19) Boone
42 Miles Sanders (RB20) Bottero
43 Chris Godwin (WR20) Holroyd
44 Patrick Mahomes (QB1) Browne
45 Cooper Kupp (WR21) Valente
46 Kyle Pitts (TE4) Washington
47 Tyler Lockett (WR22) Miari
48 Adam Thielen (WR23) Moretto
49 Tee Higgins (WR24) Rohaly
50 Odell Beckham (WR25) Dalley

Round 5: This is your annual reminder to wait on a quarterback. With so many quality options available, there's no value in taking Patrick Mahomes before the fifth round in a 10-team league.

Kyle Pitts will be one of the most intriguing players in fantasy this season. Though rookie tight ends rarely deliver in their debut season, the 20-year-old is the best prospect we've ever seen at the position and will be asked to help fill the void left by Julio Jones in Atlanta. He's a risky pick in redraft leagues, with a massive ceiling that could put him in the elite fantasy tight end conversation but a low floor that could leave us looking foolish for passing on other talents in this range at running back and receiver. Even so, I'm in on Pitts breaking the mold as a top-five tight end right out of the gate.

Round 6

Pick Player Team
51 Josh Allen (QB2) Dalley
52 Josh Jacobs (RB21) Rohaly
53 Brandon Aiyuk (WR26) Moretto
54 Lamar Jackson (QB3) Miari
55 Javonte Williams (RB22) Washington
56 Dak Prescott (QB4) Valente
57 Mike Davis (RB23) Browne
58 Diontae Johnson (WR27) Holroyd
59 Chase Claypool (WR28) Bottero
60 Kenny Golladay (WR29) Boone

Round 6: Over the last three rounds, my receiving corps had come together with Moore, Ja'Marr Chase, and now Kenny Golladay. Like Pitts, Chase is a special prospect with the potential to make an immediate impact on fantasy lineups. Paired with his college quarterback Joe Burrow, he's a high-upside WR2 as a rookie. Meanwhile, Golladay joins a Giants offense in need of a strong No. 1 option on the outside. Target competition could lower his ceiling, but he's just one season removed from back-to-back 1,000-yard efforts with the Lions - including a 65-catch, 1,190-yard, 11-touchdown campaign in 2019.

Round 7

Pick Player Team
61 Travis Etienne (RB24) Boone
62 Mark Andrews (TE5) Bottero
63 Myles Gaskin (RB25) Holroyd
64 Kareem Hunt (RB26) Browne
65 Jerry Jeudy (WR30) Valente
66 Robby Anderson (WR31) Washington
67 Deebo Samuel (WR32) Miari
68 Kyler Murray (QB5) Moretto
69 Courtland Sutton (WR33) Rohaly
70 Tyler Boyd (WR34) Dalley

Round 7: Concerns about Travis Etienne's usage have pushed his redraft ADP down in recent weeks, but I'm willing to take my chances on a home run hitting, first-round ball carrier carving out a big role in the Jaguars' attack. Urban Meyer's insistence on having Etienne spend time practicing with the receiving corps will only increase his value in PPR formats.

You could make a pretty good argument for any of Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, or Lamar Jackson being the second-best fantasy quarterback this year. Waiting and taking whoever falls is a smart move.

Round 8

Pick Player Team
71 Dallas Goedert (TE6) Dalley
72 Joe Burrow (QB6) Rohaly
73 Raheem Mostert (RB27) Moretto
74 T.J. Hockenson (TE7) Miari
75 Russell Wilson (QB7) Washington
76 Curtis Samuel (WR35) Valente
77 JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR36) Browne
78 Noah Fant (TE8) Holroyd
79 D.J. Chark (WR37) Bottero
80 Laviska Shenault (WR38) Boone

Round 8: We don't have a clear picture of what the new offense in Jacksonville will look like under Meyer and offensive coordinator Darrel Bevell. That makes it hard to project D.J. Chark and Laviska Shenault. Both could emerge as stars if Trevor Lawrence delivers on the hype, but deciding which one will lead this receiving corps isn't as simple. Chark has a 1,000-yard season on his NFL resume already, while Shenault is a breakout candidate who flashed as a rookie and wowed beat writers during recent OTA practices. They're both excellent upside picks in this area of the draft.

Round 9

Pick Player Team
81 DeVonta Smith (WR39) Boone
82 Michael Gallup (WR40) Bottero
83 Justin Herbert (QB8) Holroyd
84 Will Fuller (WR41) Browne
85 Ronald Jones (RB28) Valente
86 Elijah Moore (WR42) Washington
87 Trey Sermon (RB29) Miari
88 Chase Edmonds (RB30) Moretto
89 Brandin Cooks (WR43) Rohaly
90 Zack Moss (RB31) Dalley

Round 9: My plan to find value at receiver in the middle rounds continued to pay dividends as I secured rookie DeVonta Smith in the ninth. Despite his size concerns, Smith should get every opportunity for volume in an unproven Eagles receiver room.

Team Washington was also chasing rookie upside. After selecting Pitts and Javonte Williams earlier, he went with Elijah Moore - the best player at Jets minicamp, according to many beat writers. Taking so many chances on rookies can be dangerous, but that risk is mitigated in the middle rounds.

Round 10

Pick Player Team
91 Melvin Gordon (RB32) Dalley
92 James Conner (RB33) Rohaly
93 Michael Pittman (WR44) Moretto
94 Michael Carter (RB34) Miari
95 Mike Williams (WR45) Washington
96 Jarvis Landry (WR46) Valente
97 James Robinson (RB35) Browne
98 Jaylen Waddle (WR47) Holroyd
99 Marquise Brown (WR48) Bottero
100 Antonio Brown (WR49) Boone

Round 10: Even this far into the draft, there were still receivers who could be full-time fantasy starters in 2020. Michael Pittman has a chance to step up as Carson Wentz's top target, Mike Williams is generating buzz due to his expanded role in the new offense, Jaylen Waddle was the sixth overall pick in April, and Antonio Brown averaged the 27th-most fantasy points among wideouts in the second half of the season.

Round 11

Pick Player Team
101 Mecole Hardman (WR50) Boone
102 Leonard Fournette (RB36) Bottero
103 Damien Harris (RB37) Holroyd
104 Mike Gesicki (TE9) Browne
105 Logan Thomas (TE10) Valente
106 Cole Beasley (WR51) Washington
107 Tony Pollard (RB38) Miari
108 A.J. Dillon (RB39) Moretto
109 Gus Edwards (RB40) Rohaly
110 Gabriel Davis (WR52) Dalley

Round 11: We finally got some positive news about MeCole Hardman, with The Athletic's Nate Taylor identifying the former second-rounder as the favorite to be the WR2 in Kansas City this year. Though Hardman will still have to earn that role in training camp, it's enough to put him back on our radar as a late-round option with big-time potential.

Damien Harris might be the most interesting pick of the round. As the lead back in New England, his value will get a nice boost whenever Mac Jones takes over as the Patriots quarterback. Unlike Cam Newton, who vultured goal-line work, Jones is a more traditional passer and the Pats will need to lean on their run game as he develops. Harris is a sneaky starting-caliber fantasy pick who will be available deep into drafts.

Round 12

Pick Player Team
111 Russell Gage (WR53) Dalley
112 Corey Davis (WR54) Rohaly
113 Darrell Henderson (RB41) Moretto
114 Darnell Mooney (WR55) Miari
115 Jamaal Williams (RB42) Washington
116 Marvin Jones (WR56) Valente
117 Nyheim Hines (RB43) Browne
118 DeVante Parker (WR57) Holroyd
119 Aaron Rodgers (QB9) Bottero
120 Jalen Hurts (QB10) Boone

Round 12: Despite waiting until the final pick of the 12th round to take a QB, I still had my pick of Jalen Hurts, Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, Ryan Tannehill, and more. Hurts was my choice based on his immense rushing upside, but I likely would have used my 13th-round pick to pair him with one of the other QBs on that list.

Since this is a 10-team league, we didn't even get to the rounds filled with high-upside backup running backs, but some managed to sneak in Tony Pollard (11th round) and Darrell Henderson (12th round). Remember, once your starting lineup is filled out, your goal in the later rounds should be pure upside - players whose value could skyrocket if things go their way.

Fantasy: 10-team mock draft with analysis after every round
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