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College Football Playoff to review 12-team format

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The College Football Playoff board of managers agreed to explore a 12-team playoff format on the recommendation of a working group tasked with looking into expansion, the board announced Tuesday.

"Having heard the presentation made today by the working group, along with the management committee that joined us for today's meeting, the board has authorized the management committee to begin a summer review phase that will engage other important voices in this matter," board chairman Mark Keenum wrote in a statement.

Keenum noted student-athletes, athletic directors, coaches, and university presidents, among others, will be consulted.

"We have relationships with the bowls and a broadcast partner with whom we will want to consult to explore the feasibility of the 12-team proposal," Keenum added.

A CFP committee sub-group originally proposed an expansion earlier in June. The proposal suggests the six highest-ranked conference champions and the six remaining highest-ranked teams determined by the committee would make the playoff. No conference would be granted automatic qualification.

The review of the 12-team expansion will take place during the summer, with the next meeting scheduled to take place in September.

"Having given the management committee the charge to look into expansion, it is our duty to take their good work and ascertain whether it is feasible based on the feedback we receive," Keenum said.

"I caution observers of our process not to rush to conclusions about what this board may decide. The working group has presented us a thorough and thoughtful proposal. There is more work to do, more listening to do, and more information needed before we can make a decision."

The CFP has used a four-team format since its debut in 2014 and is scheduled to run through the 2025 season. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey left open the possibility of the new 12-team model coming into effect before then.

"I would temper my expectations. Never say never, but we've got an opportunity to dig deeper as a group," Sankey said, according to ESPN's Heather Dinich. "Those answers are going to come."

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