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NFL Management Summit: Final rankings for all 32 franchises

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theScore evaluates the leadership positions within each NFL organization to determine which franchise possesses the best staff.

32. Miami Dolphins

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
29th 32nd 27th 31st

Routinely a team that looks better on paper than it does in the field, Miami's decision-makers are to blame for the continued disappointment. How did Mike Tannenbaum end up back in a lead role so quickly? - Dan Wilkins

31. San Francisco 49ers

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
30th 28th 23rd 32nd

Chip Kelly is far and away the best part of this group. 'Nuff said. - Sanderson

30. San Diego Chargers

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
27th 30th 28th 25th

Not only has this group failed to make the playoffs in five of the last six seasons, they've alienated their fanbase as a potential relocation looms. - Boone

29. Tennessee Titans

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
26th 25th 32nd 26th

The good news is that the Titans rid themselves of general manager Ruston Webster, the most inept executive in the NFL. The bad news is that there's ample work to do. - Srinivasan

28. Cleveland Browns

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
31st 29th 24th 22nd

If ownership can finally stay patient, Hue Jackson will have the opportunity to get the Browns headed back in the right direction. - Wilkins

27. Indianapolis Colts

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
25th 31st 21st 28th

Jim Irsay driving under the influence sets a terrible precedent for the rest of the NFL, operating with limited remorse. Ryan Grigson continuously fails to bolster the roster with talent around Andrew Luck and may be on the hot seat. - Srinivasan

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
23rd 23rd 30th 20th

Firing Lovie Smith after a 6-10 season to promote his offensive coordinator just doesn't add up. - Sanderson

25. Washington Redskins

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
32nd 14th 19th 27th

The team is improving on the field, but their reputation will continue to suffer as long as they refuse to change their name. - Boone

24. Detroit Lions

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
24th 27th 22nd 17th

Until Bob Quinn can prove himself as a capable GM, the coordinator tandem of Jim Bob Cooter and Teryl Austin is the only thing to get excited about leadership-wise. - Wilkins

23. Jacksonville Jaguars

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
14th 20th 26th 30th

Still trying to shake that small-market, expansion-team stereotype 21 years later. - Sanderson

22. New Orleans Saints

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
17th 19th 20th 29th

Sean Payton remains an elite head coach while the rest of the franchise crumbles around him. Owner Tom Benson was embroiled in a brutish heirship battle, while general manager Mickey Loomis operates with a tenuous understanding of the salary cap. - Srinivasan

21. Los Angeles Rams

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
17th 19th 20th 29th

The Rams did a tremendous job moving their franchise from Missouri to Los Angeles this offseason, now all they have to do is win something. - Sanderson

20. Philadelphia Eagles

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
19th 22nd 31st 12th

The front office's decision to hire Doug Pederson represents a return to the Andy Reid era. Hopefully it also represents a return to winning. - Justin Boone

19. Atlanta Falcons

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
13th 21st 25th 18th

Arthur Blank is one of the few good guys in the league's ownership circle, but the rest of his team has been wildly mediocre in recent history. - Sanderson

18. Buffalo Bills

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
15th 24th 17th 16th

Doug Whaley's questionable moves as general manager, including a severe mismanaging of the salary cap, have contributed to extending the league's longest playoff drought. - Wilkins

17. New York Giants

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
4th 15th 29th 23rd

The Mara family and general manager Jerry Reese set an exacting standard for the organization, that led to two Super Bowls this decade. Whether Ben McAdoo can maintain a tradition of excellence remains to be seen. - Srinivasan

16. Oakland Raiders

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
18th 12th 18th 21st

There are plenty of reasons for the Raiders' braintrust to smile heading into 2016, as a playoff appearance seems well within their grasp. - Boone

15. New York Jets

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
22nd 18th 15th 11th

Todd Bowles surrounded himself with a veteran staff and Woody Johnson's been an ardent supporter of his team since buying it in 2000. General manager Mike Maccagnan will need to rid himself of the debris left by his predecessor, John Idzik Jr. - Srinivasan

14. Houston Texans

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
12th 17th 13th 15th

The Texans have built a strong organization, in part thanks to the quality people occupying their management positions. If Brock Osweiler turns out to be a competent quarterback, they'll instantly become a contender. - Boone

13. Cincinnati Bengals

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
21st 7th 10th 19th

Despite an unconventional ownership structure, Marvin Lewis' consistent presence has made Cincinnati one of the NFL's most successful organizations of late. - Wilkins

12. Chicago Bears

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
8th 16th 14th 14th

Some rare turnover has left Chicago in the middle of the pack at most spots, but ownership continues to lead the way. - Wilkins

11. Minnesota Vikings

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
20th 8th 12th 8th

Their owner may look like a cartoon villain, but he's assembled an excellent staff, who have brought a winning culture to Minnesota. - Boone

10. Dallas Cowboys

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
6th 13th 16th 5th

Often lambasted for being the portrait of American excess, Jerry Jones and his inner circle dump endless capital into the team. It may be grating for his opponents, but it's an excellent way to run a team. - Srinivasan

9. Kansas City Chiefs

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
9th 11th 9th 9th

Not a lot of flash, but one of the most solid rosters in the NFL has the front office and coaching staff to match. - Sanderson

8. Carolina Panthers

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
16th 9th 6th 2nd

It's hard to find a team that believes in its own abilities to win more than the Panthers, from top to bottom. - Sanderson

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
3rd 10th 5th 10th

The Rooney family has run a first-class organization, while helping generate positive change in the league. It is a model franchise. - Boone

6. Denver Broncos

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
7th 5th 11th 4th

John Elway may prove to be equally great as a general manager as he was as a quarterback, while Gary Kubiak elevated a top-notch defense to Super Bowl glory. Denver is proving to be the picture of modern stability. - Srinivasan

5. Arizona Cardinals

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
11th 6th 3rd 6th

Bruce Arians and Steve Keim have swiftly led the Cardinals back to a spot among the NFL's elite, and this team is now here to stay. - Wilkins

4. Baltimore Ravens

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
10th 4th 4th 7th

They may not be at the tip top of the NFL tower every season, but few teams garner as much respect as the Ravens from year to year. - Sanderson

3. Green Bay Packers

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
1st 3rd 7th 13th

A strong organizational structure, particularly in the front office, is the main factor in Green Bay remaining a contender with every passing season. - Wilkins

2. Seattle Seahawks

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
5th 2nd 2nd 3rd

Pete Carroll and John Schneider have always been on the same wavelength, allowing the Seahawks to become a perennial Super Bowl contender due to their aggressive yet calculated philosophy. - Srinivasan

1. New England Patriots

Owner GM Head coach OC/DC
2nd 1st 1st 1st

The Patriots have reached the Super Bowl six times in the Belichick era and have made it to the AFC Championship five years running. In the NFL, success is the main measuring stick and no team has enjoyed more of it in the last two decades than the New England Patriots. - Boone

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