14 championship rings stolen from Scott Frost's house
Scott Cunningham / Getty Images Sport / Getty

The home of Nebraska head coach Scott Frost was burglarized over the weekend, Lincoln police confirmed to Riley Johnson of the Journal Star News on Monday.

Memorabilia worth $165,000 was taken from the home, including two Huskers championship rings, 10 Oregon championship rings, and two UCF championship rings.

Five pairs of Oregon Air Jordan shoes and a Nintendo Wii gaming console were also stolen from his residence.

Frost was hired by Nebraska in December. He started at quarterback for the school in 1996 and 1997, leading the Huskers to a 24-2 record.

He coached in a variety of roles at Oregon from 2009-15 before joining UCF as head coach from 2016-17.

The burglars apparently entered Frost's home, which is being renovated, through an unlocked garage door.

14 championship rings stolen from Scott Frost's house
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