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Saban, Fisher oppose potential changes to NCAA transfer policy

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As the NCAA continues to ponder transfer reform this summer, two national championship-winning coaches are firmly against allowing players to swap schools without sitting out a year.

Alabama's Nick Saban and Texas A&M's Jimbo Fisher were vocal about their unwillingness to alter the league's current policy, wherein non-graduate FBS transfers must forgo one season.

"(Players transferring without sitting out a year) will be a zoo, as far as people going back and forth, and you can't let it become that," Fisher said Tuesday on the opening day of SEC spring meetings, per The Dallas Morning News' Ben Baby. "People say there's no penalties. There are penalties. There's buyouts. There's millions of dollars that go into that."

Fisher continued: "Instead of learning to fight through the adversity and teach them how to deal with life, you're going to say every time something don't go right I can leave and go somewhere else."

Saban's primary concern revolves around a lack of discipline and the ease with which players can escape structure.

"If a guy is missing class and I say you're not going to play in this game because you're missing class - which I've done on occasion - and he just says 'I'm transferring,' Is that good?" Saban said. "I don't know."

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