Weird Week in Hoops: KD's quips, Ant-Man trolls, tragic Magic tweets
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Every Sunday, theScore's most discerning minds highlight the week's lighter moments from around the basketball universe. Here's what caught our eyes this week.

Be warned: Weird Week contains coarse content. Your friends were just trying to be polite, and no one actually wants to follow your dog's escapades on Instagram.

Kevin Durant: Keyboard warrior

In past editions, we've examined the social-media habits of a perpetually online Kevin Durant, and for good reason. The Nets star has shared some revelatory thoughts on Erykah Badu, Scarlett Johansson, and the intersection between breakfast and foot care.

It makes sense that KD would surmise that "Twitter is better than goin to da club," but one enterprising Redditor revealed Durant really enjoys Twitter. So much that he's produced more tweets (24,200) than NBA points (23,561).

And that doesn't even include the contributions made using all of his burner accounts.

The Ant-Man cometh

Anthony Edwards' game is developing nicely, but his work on the mic is already All-Star caliber.

Here's how the T-Wolves' precocious 19-year-old rookie answered a question about former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, who's part of an ownership group in the process of purchasing the team.

Edwards is straight-up trolling. He absolutely knows who A-Rod is if you take him at his word that he could've been a baseball star.

An announcer's life for me

The best part of the Hornets' steady ascent is that fans have been hearing a lot more from Eric Collins, the team's bombastic play-by-play man whose unmistakable thunder-clap blast of "HUM DIDDLY DEE" punctuates every massive dunk in Charlotte these days.

There's a certain "Alice in Wonderland" quality about that call.

Shmurda was the face they gave me

Reggie Jackson bears a striking resemblance to New York wordsmith/thrower of hats Bobby Shmurda.

Nets fans recognized that and chanted "Bobby Shmurda" at the Los Angeles Clippers guard when he was shooting from the charity stripe in January 2020, and the veteran responded with the rapper's patented Shmoney Dance.

Why is this important? Well, it's not, but since Shmurda (not his real name) was released from prison on Feb. 23 after seven years for weapons charges, his doppelganger has been putting up respectable numbers.

Brunson, Doncic forge hydrogen bond

Luka Doncic nailed an unorthodox buzzer-beating triple to seal a come-from-behind victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday, prompting Dallas Mavericks teammate Jalen Brunson to toast the occasion with a violation of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions.

Paging Dr. Vooch

The Orlando Magic visited the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday, and Sheck Wes muse Mo Bamba missed out due to a wonky hip. Former Magic teammate and current Bull Nikola Vucevic shared his own theories.

The Magic escaped Chicago with a victory and without a case of Vuceviatis (which we can only assume involves wearing track pants with dress shoes). Naturally, the team's social media account celebrated.

Orlando's Magic trick: Making tweets disappear

Consider the Vucevic tweet and subsequent response an amuse-bouche of sorts showing the potential of Orlando's Twitter account.

Tell us you don't know anything about basketball without telling us you don't know anything about basketball. The Magic's Twitter account tried its hardest to do so on Tuesday while hosting a few rounds of trivia, and the tweets were later deleted.

As it turns out, the Magic's social media staffer thinks defensive ratings work like blood pressure readings: the higher the better!

It looks like Errick McCollum, the brother of Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum, is also unsure.

More like Erred-rick. Or not. Sound off in the comments, and tell us how dumb we are.

Anyway, don't let this take away from the fact that the Magic's account reached its apex on April 23, 2018 with this absolute gem.

"Hold the phones, Jim. It looks like we've found next year's season-ticket brochure cover athlete!"

Come back next Sunday for more oddities, inanities, and obscenities from the wonderful world of basketball - and remember to send your nominations and submissions to

Weird Week in Hoops: KD's quips, Ant-Man trolls, tragic Magic tweets
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