By the numbers: Does Durant stand a chance at catching Kareem?
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A prestigious club in basketball lore gained a new member Wednesday when Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant scored the 20,000th point of his career in Wednesday's loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, making the 29-year-old just the fourth player ever to reach the milestone before turning 30.

That blistering scoring pace is why some - including megastar LeBron James way back in 2015 - have speculated Durant has the best chance today of eventually surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time legendary mark of 38,387 career points.

But can Durant, 29, realistically catch Abdul-Jabbar's almost impossible record?

Here's how the numbers break down regarding his chances:

10 - The amount of games in which Abdul-Jabbar scored at least 50 points. To date, Durant has only cracked the mark on four occasions and his most recent 50-point outburst was back on March 21, 2014 against the Toronto Raptors.

20 - How many seasons it took Abdul-Jabbar to cement his legacy. After passing Wilt Chamberlain - then the record-holder - in 1984, the Los Angeles Lakers big man played another five seasons before retiring at 41. Durant would have to play another nine seasons after this one, sticking around until he's 38, to keep up.

34.8 - Abdul-Jabbar's league-best scoring average for the 1971-72 season. Durant is one of the best scorers in today's game, but even his highest scoring season in 2013-14 when he poured in 32 a night for the Oklahoma City Thunder doesn't match the Big Fella's best. Now, as an arguable second option for the Golden State Warriors, Durant's chase is that much tougher.

74 - The fewest amount of games played in a season in Abdul-Jabbar's final 10 campaigns. Not only would Durant have to score at will as he enters his 30s, he would also need to avoid any serious injury and stay entirely healthy throughout his twilight years, something he's already struggling with this season.

24,175 - The amount of career points scored by Abdul-Jabbar after his 11th season. In the midst of his own 11th year in the NBA, Durant would need to score over 4,000 points down the final 40 games of the regular season to match the pace set by the Milwaukee Bucks and Lakers legend. Safe to say, it's difficult to imagine Durant averaging 100 points a game in the second half of this season.

By the numbers: Does Durant stand a chance at catching Kareem?
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