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Swaggy P jokes: passing 'is the point guard's job'

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Nick Young has never met a shot he didn't like.

Over the past four seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, he was often given the green light to be trigger-happy.

But after joining the NBA champion Golden State Warriors on a one-year, $5.2-million contract, Swaggy P will have to show more of a willingness to move the rock on a team that led the Association in assists last season.

Or, maybe not.

"Well, when I come in, you know, them guys might be out hopefully. (And passing) is the point guard's job," Young jokingly told reporters Friday, referring to Golden State's star-studded lineup."

"I guess I gotta give the ball up now," he admitted.

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The 32-year-old's per 36 averages of 1.6 assists and 1.6 turnovers for his career are indicative of a player who is all about offense, as long as he's the one putting it on the board. There were also 24 instances in 2016-17 when Young didn't notch a single dime, despite playing at least 15 minutes.

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