Curry 'would have reacted the same way' to LeBron's step-over

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In a majority of instances when an NBA player steps over another on the basketball court, it's meant to show up the opposition after making a big play.

That wasn't the case when LeBron James stepped over Draymond Green during Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night. Green felt disrespected by James' act which wasn't proceeded by a slam dunk or clutch shot.

Clearly frustrated, the Golden State Warriors All-Star delivered a strike to The King's groin area, resulting in a flagrant-1 foul and subsequent one-game suspension from the league on Sunday.

Reigning MVP Stephen Curry was asked about what the step-over truly means, the message it sends, and what James was trying to accomplish during his Sunday news conference.

"In that context or the one that happened last game was totally different. There was no play that happened," Curry told reporters prior to Game 5. "It was kind of like with A.I. and Pippen, it's usually somebody getting dunked on or somebody crossing somebody over and you see them. It's one of those situations where you just want to add insult to injury."

"I don't know what LeBron's intention was. Like I said, you have to ask him. Obviously Draymond thought it was disrespectful and wanted to get up and say something, so that was his reaction to it. I would have probably done the same thing."

Now Curry isn't necessarily saying he would have punched James below the belt for what he did, although he certainly wouldn't have tolerated being walked over without putting up a fight.

James knocked Green over prior to the step-over. For a player as prideful as Green, it seemed natural for him - or any player for that matter - to retaliate in some manner because of what had just happened to him, which is why Curry struggles to comprehend why a flagrant-1 was given.

"That's why I thought Draymond was reacting to that situation. It wasn't so much getting thrown down, it was he's trying to get up and somebody's straddling him on top," Curry said. "So it's like an awkward situation to be in. So that was his reaction. That's why I'm still kind of surprised that that was what the decision was."

Curry 'would have reacted the same way' to LeBron's step-over
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