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5 times Blue Jays fans got a little too unruly

Peter Llewellyn / USA TODAY Sports

Police are investigating after a fan threw a beer can at Baltimore Orioles' outfielder Hyun Soo Kim during the seventh inning of the American League wild-card game on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, incidences of unruly fans at Rogers Centre in Toronto aren't rare.

In addition to the potentially dangerous toss of the can, outfielder Adam Jones said racial slurs were also being hurled at Kim, and Twitter seemed to echo that.

Baseball brings out the emotion in all of us, but here are five times when fans were running through the Six with way too much of it.

October 2015 - ALDS Game 5

In a truly bizarre call, Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin attempted to throw the ball back to his pitcher, but the ball hit outfielder Shin-Soo Choo's bat as he went through his routine in the box. With the ball trickling out of the area, Rangers' Rougned Odor ran from third to home. Though home-plate umpire Dale Scott signaled that the ball was dead (something he later said was a mistake), the crew decided to throw a little conference. The call was reversed, the ball was live, and the Rangers took a 3-2 lead and everything hit the dome roof. Fans started throwing trash onto the field - water bottles, beer cans, rally towels - you name it, it ended up on the field. To make matters worse, a can of beer was hurled down and struck a baby. Think of the kids, guys! Toronto Police later arrested those responsible for the baby incident.

April 2012 - YOLO Streaker

It's not entirely shocking to see someone jump on the field in Toronto, but it's not every day that the someone is almost entirely undressed. A 17-year-old honor-roll student streaked across the field at Rogers Centre in the bottom of the third inning between Toronto and the Boston Red Sox. Seated in the front row, Yannis Carayannopoulos jumped the wall, stripped down (his pants were duck-taped on) and sprinted for 51 seconds in a Speedo with "YOLO" painted on his chest and back until he was tackled by security officers. Instead of expressing displeasure with the interruption, fans cheered Carayannopoulos on, and were delighted with his heel kick to let them know he was alright after being tackled.

May 2013 - O's vs. Jays (the first time)

Not surprisingly, AL East rivalries have always been alive and well between the two birdlands. Things get a little hairy when it comes to the treatment of the outfielders, and the incident with Kim wasn't the first time an O's corner outfielder has been a target. In a regular-season May game, Nate McLouth made an impressive running catch into the stands. When he emerged from behind the wall, beer rained down on him from the deck above.

April 2016 - Bronx boxing (NSFW)

We've said it before and we'll say it again: the AL East, man. Things get heated. You paid for good seats, you say? Front row to a boxing match? One lone security tried to get in between the meatball sandwich of not-Josh Donaldson and his navy-clad Yankee counterpart. The Yankee fan yelled out, "Who's pitching tomorrow?" but the thing is, when you're removed from the stadium and not allowed back, it really won't matter. FYI: J.A. Happ limited the Yankees to one run over six innings the following night and Michael Pineda took his first loss of the season.

April 2013 - Blue Jays fans vs. each other (more NSFW)

According to the summary of this video, the upper-deck brawl (read: don't look down and maybe don't try to push people off) started when a free T-shirt was ripped from someone's hands. Cue the pushing, shoving, foul language, throwing peanuts in someone's face, and retaliating with throwing beer in someone else's face. The best part? When the videographer responds to the assailants at the end of the recording with "YouTube!" where the video and embarrassment of acting completely foolish and getting removed from a baseball game lives to this day.

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