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Watch: Bonucci scores Messi-esque solo goal as Juve hammers Genoa
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Serie A round-up: Keita's hat-trick lifts Lazio as Empoli stuns Milan
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Watch: Napoli's Milik scores 1st goal since return in Sassuolo stalemate
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Watch: Schick bound to impress suitors with Bergkamp-esque touch
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Watch: Handanovic easily saves Bernardeschi's embarrassing Panenka
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Berisha to the rescue as Atalanta moves up to 4th
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Insigne signs new 5-year deal at Napoli
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Juventus announces completion of Bentancur's €9.5M transfer from Boca Juniors
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Agent: Inter's Gabriel Barbosa will go out on loan if he doesn't play
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Madrid derby, Monaco vs. Juventus slated for Champions League semis
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Tevez defends decision to visit Shanghai Disneyland while injured
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Dani Alves shares Barcelona dilemma: Seeing friends sad 'hurts a lot'
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Klopp rules out Hart move to Liverpool
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Report: Manchester City interested in Bonucci
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Bonucci: 'I think every team would like to avoid' Juventus
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Defensive masterclass: How Juventus' backline stole the show in Spain
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Allegri's reputation still rising after authoring latest Juventus triumph
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Watch: Alves, Cuadrado console sobbing Neymar after Juventus triumph
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No more miracles: Juventus snuffs out Barcelona to reach semi-finals
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Watch: Messi bangs face on turf, left bleeding after challenge with Pjanic