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Rose on sexual assault allegation: 'I know the truth, and am confident I will be proven innocent'
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Report: Kyrie Irving unlikely to make opening night, could sit until January
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Former NBA star Darryl Dawkins dies at 58
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Taylor Swift singles improve Russell Westbrook's performance
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Report: Kings sign Marshall Henderson to training camp deal
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Report: Former NBAer Josh Howard working out at Mavericks facility
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Throwback Thursday: When NBA stars were dunking in college
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VIDEO: Klay Thompson fails at Go-Karting; admits 'Cheaters never prosper'
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Anthony Davis packed on 12 pounds of muscle this summer
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Report: Nuggets expected to retire Dikembe Mutombo's jersey in 2015-16
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PHOTO: Enes Kanter looks tiny next to world's tallest man
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Report: Jrue Holiday could enter 2015-16 with minutes restriction
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Pelicans' Ajinca pulled from EuroBasket due to Achilles pain
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Stephanie Ready joins Hornets' booth as 1st full-time female NBA team analyst
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Report: 3 teams still interested in Ryan Hollins
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Chuck Hayes no longer signing with Rockets
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Kevin Durant's 2016 decision more difficult than just picking a team
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Jeffery Taylor officially lands with Real Madrid
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Heat owner Arison canvassing fan interest in 'Miami Vice' jerseys
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PHOTO: Clarkson plays chess with Pacquiao in Philippines, status for FIBAs unclear