Report: Lakers in serious contention for Carmelo Anthony

Jul 5, 7:44 PM

Thought Carmelo Anthony's free-agent saga came to an end after his talk with the New York Knicks? Think again.

The Lakers have a number of things working in their favor. Unlike Dallas, Houston or Chicago, they have enough cap room to offer Anthony a maximum deal. They can also offer the allure of playing in Los Angeles (remember, Anthony's wife is an actress) and the chance to play alongside Kobe Bryant.

Earlier in the week, after Anthony met with the Knicks, both parties were reportedly happy with the prospect of a reunion. The Knicks own Anthony's Bird Rights, and can therefore offer him a contract larger than anyone else at 5-years, $129 million, whereas teams like the Lakers can only offer up to 4-years, $97 million.

Anthony's fit with the Lakers is unclear. Both he and Bryant are ball-dominant scorers known for their one-on-one abilities, and their skills largely overlap. However, considering the sheer talent involved, it's not inconceivable that the pairing could work.

Feature photo courtesy of reuters/REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson