Bottom 2nd 2 runs / 2 hits / 1 errors

On error by center fielder Rasmus, Uggla scored, M.Diaz to third
D.Ross singled to center, M.Diaz scored

Bottom 3rd 2 runs / 5 hits / 0 errors

C.Jones grounded into a double play, shortstop Y.Escobar to second baseman K.Johnson to first baseman Cooper, Bourn scored, Prado out
F.Freeman singled to left, Uggla scored, M.Diaz to second

Top 5th 6 runs / 7 hits / 0 errors

Y.Gomes singled to left, K.Johnson scored, Y.Escobar to third, Arencibia to second
Lawrie singled to right, Y.Escobar scored, Arencibia to third, Y.Gomes to second
Rasmus singled to center, Arencibia scored, Y.Gomes scored, Lawrie to third
Bautista singled to center, Lawrie scored, Rasmus to second
Encarnacion doubled to center, Rasmus scored, Bautista to third

Top 6th 3 runs / 3 hits / 0 errors

Lawrie homered to left on a 0-1 count, Villanueva scored
Rasmus homered to right on a 2-2 count

Top 7th 2 runs / 4 hits / 0 errors

R.Davis singled to right, Encarnacion scored, Y.Escobar to third
Arencibia hit a sacrifice fly to center fielder Bourn, Y.Escobar scored

Top 8th 1 runs / 2 hits / 0 errors

K.Johnson tripled to center, Bautista scored
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Turner Field
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