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The view from Holland: A Q&A with Auke Kok on the Dutch demise
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Brazil to top FIFA rankings for 1st time in 6 years
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Ghastly gaffe, wife's adultery claims mark dire day for Chinese defender
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Mixed reviews for French video heartbreak
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International roundup: VAR aids Spain, Italy dumps the Dutch
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Watch: Video replay revokes France's goal against Spain
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What's wrong with Dutch football? Explaining the fall of a European power
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Diego Costa given 'OK' to stay with Spain after injury scare
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1,000 and counting: Buffon celebrates historic night as Italy legend
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Dier wants England fans to be 'respectful'
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The future is now: Italy's young core primed to dominate Europe
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Watch: Villa's Kodjia smacks sweet out-swinger for Ivorians in Russia
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FA chairman condemns World War II chants during Germany friendly
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Southgate highlights England's successes after Germany defeat
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Podolski smashes Germany winner to sign off in style
Cropped 2017 03 22t220232z 133221752 mt1aci14769384 rtrmadp 3 soccer friendly ger eng
Watch: Standing ovation honours final Podolski bow
Cropped 2017 03 22t211959z 133219199 mt1aci14769333 rtrmadp 3 soccer friendly ger eng
Watch: Podolski marks final Germany cap with stunning screamer in victory
Cropped 2017 03 22t181522z 133208122 mt1aci14769228 rtrmadp 3 soccer friendly ger eng
Southgate: 'Our identity' to carry on after attacks
Cropped 2017 03 22t183604z 133209364 mt1aci14769234 rtrmadp 3 soccer friendly ger eng
A last goodbye: Podolski gets captain's armband in Germany swan song
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Picking from left field: England's inability to find a decent No. 11