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Robben: Moving to China is like 'acknowledging your career is over'
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8 football logo redesigns inspired by Juventus' new look
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Bayer Leverkusen only considering 'crazy' offers for Chicharito
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Louis van Gaal intends to retire after 30-year managerial career
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Bayern stars go undercover, destroy amateurs during pick-up game
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Hamburg takes Papadopoulos on loan from Leverkusen
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Weird week in football: Nicklas Bendtner birthday edition
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Robben signs Bayern extension until 2018
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Aubameyang confident Gabon will recover: 'We remain positive'
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Bayern announces Sule, Rudy will join club from Hoffenheim in July
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Bayern wins Bundesliga warm-up
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Watch: Aubameyang scores opening goal at Africa Cup of Nations
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Transfer gossip column: Didier, Dimitri and January destinations
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High-flying Leipzig signs French teen Upamecano
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Germany's Kruse escapes injury after car crash
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Watch: Muller uses passport as fake phone to avoid reporters
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Boateng sued for unpaid €250,000 deposit
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Tuchel puts pressure on Dortmund's Germany stars Gotze, Schurrle
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Badstuber out to kick-start career at Schalke
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Anti-doping groups call for Russia to be stripped of 2018 World Cup