Placing bets on the over/under line for every NHL team

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All 2015-16 betting lines courtesy Bodog.

Here's where I'd put my money on this year's over/under betting lines, were I a betting man. Which I'm not. Nor should you be, of course. I do not condone gambling.

... Nope, not at all.

Anaheim Ducks - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 49.5

Last season, the Ducks managed 51 wins, and they might be better this year. That said, they were 33-1-7 in one-goal games. One loss! It just can't happen again, and too much can go wrong to bet over on such a big number. UNDER.

Arizona Coyotes - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 27.5

Let's call a spade a spade: Last year, the 'Yotes tried to lose to get in the lottery, and won 24 games. But I'm not convinced they're ready to try to win yet with Scottsdale boy Auston Matthews likely to be the No. 1 pick next year. UNDER.

Boston Bruins - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 42.5

I'd bet this line is settled by a half-game. They made some curious decisions this summer, but I still like the roster they're left with. Let's go OVER.

Buffalo Sabres - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 28.5

It's almost hard to finish below that number without trying. And this year, the Sabres will be OVER.

Calgary Flames - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 41.5

This is a well-done line. It's walked back from their 45-win season, which is smart, but still high. The Oilers are gonna win more, I like San Jose to win more, and the wins have to come from somewhere. I'll take UNDER, though barely.

Carolina Hurricanes - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 30

I don't know who, outside New Jersey, is going to give up the wins Carolina would need to improve over last year's total - the other six teams all seem like they'll be as good or better than last year. But I can't see them not getting to 30 wins. I'll go OVER.

Chicago Blackhawks - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 47.5

UNDER. Chicago's coming off a 48-win season and lost a bevy of valuable NHL players. Question marks always surround new players, plus it's a brutal division.

Colorado Avalanche - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 38.5

The Avs had 39 wins last year and finished last (!) in the Central. I think they'll steal some wins from the likes of Minnesota, Winnipeg, and St. Louis. OVER.

Columbus Blue Jackets - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 45

They were hot at the end of last season, sure, but this calls for a three-win improvement in a division not looking to see teams take a step back. UNDER.

Dallas Stars - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 43.5

Hard OVER. 41 wins last season left them sixth in the Central - I picked them to win the division in my predictions earlier this summer.

Detroit Red Wings - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 42.5

OVER. They snuck over that number by a half-game last season, and their young talent is ready to perform in the bigs. Unless you're playing Tampa when they're on, every team in the Atlantic is beatable.

Edmonton Oilers - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 37.5

This line is asking if you believe the Oilers will improve by 13 WINS. They're going to be way, way better (and trying to win!), but that's too big a gulf for me. UNDER.

Florida Panthers - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 36.5

I can't find any reason the Panthers would regress from their 38 wins, outside Buffalo being better. But I can see other Atlantic teams sliding too, so, OVER.

Los Angeles Kings - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 45.5

To pick the over, the Kings would need to improve by six wins with minimal roster changes. I do think the Kings will be better, but six wins better? Can't do it. UNDER.

Minnesota Wild - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 44

This team used to be perennially average; now they're perennially good, but not good enough. I'm taking a PUSH here. Bold!

Montreal Canadiens - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 44.5

I agree they'll win less, but as with Edmonton and Los Angeles, I can't see such a monumental swing. They won 50 games last season. OVER.

Nashville Predators - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 42

Their defense and goaltending are too good to win fewer than 42 games. OVER.

New Jersey Devils - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 28.5

What's it say about Jersey that I'm torn here? Worse, I'm torn, and I think Cory Schneider is one of the best goalies in the world. But they're just going to be overmatched every night. I bet they win 28. UNDER.

New York Islanders - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 45

I hate doing this because it looks mailed in, but I can't talk myself into more or fewer wins than that number. Destined to finish somewhere around third/fourth in the division. PUSH.

New York Rangers - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 46.5

Woof. If you're going under, you're saying the Rangers will be seven wins worse next year. How? OVER.

Ottawa Senators - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 40.5

The Sens' hot run at the end of last season kinda baffled me, I'll be honest. They're good, but are Mark Stone and Mike Hoffman actually world-beaters? Probably not. Fine enough team, but I've got the UNDER here.

Philadelphia Flyers - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 37.5

Philly has improved at roughly no positions, and got a career year from Steve Mason last season. How are they climbing four or five wins? Hard UNDER.

Pittsburgh Penguins - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 47.5

OVER. One of, if not the, best forward corps in the NHL.

San Jose Sharks - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 42.5

I've got the Sharks pegged for a bounce-back campaign after their 40-win season. This group has another good year in it. OVER.

St. Louis Blues - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 45.5

The Blues won 51 times last year, which ain't happening again. But they've got enough talent to keep their heads above 45 wins. OVER.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 48.5

OVER. Over, over, over. If they stay healthy, OVER. They could run roughshod over the Atlantic.

Toronto Maple Leafs - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 32.5

The Leafs are going to be a curious bunch this season - like, they may sport two entirely different rosters in November and March. Still, between the Babcock effect and veterans trying to prove themselves, I think they'll be good enough pre-deadline to surpass that low total. OVER.

Vancouver Canucks - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 40.5

Man, this line is both cruel to the Canucks and accurate. They won 48 last year. And yet, I can't look at their roster and go, "Yeah, that's better than (INSERT BASICALLY EVERY TEAM IN THE WEST)." UNDER

Washington Capitals - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 45.5

The Capitals are going to be a force this year. I really like the offseason additions. OVER.

Winnipeg Jets - Regular-Season Wins

Over/Under 40.5

This calls for a three-win regression, which is about where I see Winnipeg this year. Because I like antagonizing this fan base, I'll take UNDER, though barely.

Placing bets on the over/under line for every NHL team
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