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PHOTO: Eddie Lack's new fan-designed mask is super West Coast

Eddie Lack's new mask was painted by leading goalie mask artist Dave Gunarrsson of Dave Art, but it was designed by 14-year-old fan Justin Mo - who won a competition hosted by the club. 

Here's the winning mask design that Mo submitted originally:


And here's what Gunnarsson created based off of that design:

[Courtesy Dave Art]

"The design is a tribute to Eddie's home in Canada and his heritage of Sweden," Gunarrsson wrote of the mask in a post on his Facebook page. "When you come really close to the mask and look in the sky over the mountains you will find details such as Canadian leafs and the three crowns of Sweden."

The mask, which features Eddie's number (31) on the chin; and a smattering of classic Canucks iconography including the Johnny Canuck V and the Orca Bay killer whale; comes across as super West Coast overall. Maybe it's the green and the blue and the mountains, but there's something about this mask that just makes you want to elongate all of your vowels or call your summer home a cabin. 

One interesting change from Mo's design to Gunarsson's finished product by the way is the lack of the Millionaire's Vancouver V (which was replaced with the Johnny Canuck V on the mask's left side). Lack was wearing the Millionaires jersey when he was booed by Canucks fans during the Heritage Classic this past Spring. One wonders if the logo has a negative association in the mind of the Swedish born puck-stopper.

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