5 of the most unfortunate NHL injuries

Katie Flynn
Eric Hartline / USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Steve Mason broke his pinky finger playing a game of ball hockey in his hometown of Oakville, Ont., Friday. Probably not the best timing, with the regular season creeping closer every week. In his honor, collect the five most unfortunate NHL injuries from the past few seasons.

Mike Fisher's run-in with a chipmunk

Last summer, just weeks before training camp, Nashville Predators forward Mike Fisher tried to coax a chipmunk out of his bathroom by using brute force. Not the best idea.

As his wife, former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood caught on video, he zeroed in on the small creature and pounced but was bitten on the hand. He was fortunate enough to not miss any time.

Keith Ballard should've thought this through

In 2009, the then-Atlanta Thrashers scored a late goal off a rebound against the Florida Panthers, which didn't sit well with Keith Ballard.

He meant to slash his stick against the post. Instead, he slashed his own goaltender, Tomas Vokoun, across the face and injured him. All was forgiven soon after, though.

Vokoun was absent for two games following the injury.

Claude Giroux falls victim to exploding driver

One thing that is always difficult to explain is why hockey players translate so well into golfers. At least, most of the time. The Philadelphia Flyers got some unfortunate news in August when captain Claude Giroux required surgery after a golfing accident.

On the course, Giroux's driver shattered in his hands (in what he called a freak accident) and leaving splinters in his finger. Surgery sidelined him for all of training camp, and he made his return in the team's last preseason game against the Washington Capitals.

Pucks can be slippery, too

Last November, the Washington Capitals were dealt a significant blow when goaltender Michal Neuvirth injured his leg in a strange puck-related tripping incident during warm ups. 

"My understanding is he stood on a puck as he first came out," then head coach Adam Oates said.

Two weeks after the injury, Neuvirth was sent to the Capitals' AHL affiliate for a conditioning stint.

Craig Anderson should stay away from cooking, chicken

In 2012, Ottawa Senators goaltender Craig Anderson severed a tendon in his pinky finger while trying to separate frozen chicken. Never a good idea. The goaltender required surgery to repair the tendon.

Anderson made his return a month later on March 23 and played the remaining games on the schedule for the Senators without a setback.