Stanley Cup Playoffs: 2nd-round predictions

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And then there were eight.

The first round's in the books, and a good time was had by all. (Well, except the teams that had their seasons end.)

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theScore's hockey editors are ready for Round 2. Our picks for the four series are below, as well as our first-round prediction performances.

Eastern Conference

Senators vs. Rangers

Editor Pick
Josh Gold-Smith NYR
Craig Hagerman NYR
Flip Livingstone NYR
Ian McLaren OTT
Sean O'Leary NYR
Sonny Sachdeva NYR
Navin Vaswani NYR
Cory Wilkins OTT
Josh Wegman OTT
  • Only two editors picked the Senators to beat the Bruins in the first round. They've picked up only one additional believer as they head into the Eastern semifinals against the Rangers.

Capitals vs. Penguins

Editor Pick
Josh Gold-Smith WSH
Craig Hagerman WSH
Flip Livingstone PIT
Ian McLaren WSH
Sean O'Leary WSH
Sonny Sachdeva PIT
Navin Vaswani WSH
Cory Wilkins PIT
Josh Wegman WSH
  • We believe it's the Capitals' time, as they prepare to tangle with the Penguins in what is the second round's most exciting series.

Western Conference

Blues vs. Predators

Editor Pick
Josh Gold-Smith NSH
Craig Hagerman NSH
Flip Livingstone STL
Ian McLaren NSH
Sean O'Leary NSH
Sonny Sachdeva NSH
Navin Vaswani NSH
Cory Wilkins NSH
Josh Wegman NSH
  • None of us picked the Predators to upset the Blackhawks. Don't lie, you didn't either. With all due respect to the Blues, we've converted, almost to a man, to believers of Nashville.

Ducks vs. Oilers

Editor Pick
Josh Gold-Smith ANA
Craig Hagerman ANA
Flip Livingstone EDM
Ian McLaren ANA
Sean O'Leary EDM
Sonny Sachdeva ANA
Navin Vaswani EDM
Cory Wilkins ANA
Josh Wegman ANA
  • Like Rangers-Senators and Capitals-Penguins, this one comes in at 6-3, as well, in favor of the Ducks. Can't spell spoilers without Oilers, though.

1st-round results

Here's how we did in the Round of 16:

Editor 1st-round score
Vaswani 6/8
Hagerman 5/8
Wilkins 5/8
Gold-Smith 4/8
Livingstone 4/8
O'Leary 4/8
Sachdeva 4/8
Wegman 4/8
McLaren 2/8
Stanley Cup Playoffs: 2nd-round predictions
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