Report: Judge bars Manziel from contacting ex-girlfriend

Peter G. Aiken / Getty Images Sport / Getty

A judge signed a protective order barring Johnny Manziel from contacting ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley for two years, according to Rebecca Lopez of WFAA.

Manziel must stay 500 feet away from Crowley's home and place of work.

The judge also stipulated that Manziel pay $12,000 in legal fees, per Lopez's report.

Crowley stated that Manziel hit her and forced her into a vehicle, according to a report released by Fort Worth Police. She also gave a statement to the Dallas Police Department and wants the district attorney to file charges against Manziel, Lopez reports.

The Dallas Police Department is launching a criminal investigation into the alleged domestic violence incident.

"The court finds there is reason to believe that family violence occurred," the judge said Friday.

If Manziel violates the stipulations of the protective order, he would face up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Manziel's agent, Erik Burkhardt, cut ties with his client following the release of the police report. Moreover, Manziel's father expressed concern that his son wouldn't see his 24th birthday if he didn't seek immediate help.

Last October, Manziel was stopped by police due to a domestic argument with Crowley. Manziel admitted to drinking two alcoholic beverages, while Crowley alleged that the quarterback forced her head into a window.

Manziel was not charged with a crime after Crowley told police she didn't want to press charges.

The quarterback is expected to be released by the Cleveland Browns in March.