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The difference between Giants and Jets fans

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Anytime two teams share the same city there will always be comparisons between both organizations. 

As far as the New York Giants and New York Jets go, however, the two couldn't be more different. They play in different conferences, wear different colors, and have vastly different histories. 

Other than playing in the same stadium, the Jets and Giants couldn't be further apart. Jets fans have endured plenty of heartbreak and disappointment since, well, Joe Namath guaranteed a victory way back in Super Bowl III in 1969. Whereas Giants fans have been fortunate enough to see their team capture four championships in the past 30 years, some of them in improbable fashion. 

This has left Jets fans typically very pessimistic, compared to Giants fans who seem to be overly confident and optimistic in any situation, almost to a fault. 

Here are a few ways the two fan bases would react differently in similar situations. 

1. The Giants and Jets both moved into beautiful New Meadowlands Stadium in 2010. Now known as MetLife stadium, the facility is equipped with state of the art technology and hosted Super Bowl XLVIII.

Typical Giants fan reaction: I'm glad we're moving into a new stadium. That old one had too many bad memories like the Miracle at the Meadowlands. There's no way anything that crazy could possibly happen here. 

Typical Jets fan reaction: There are too many bright lights in this new stadium. I just know Mark Sanchez is going to get disoriented at some point and do something ridiculous. 

2. Both teams drafted a quarterback in the 2013 draft, with the Jets taking Geno Smith and the Giants going with Ryan Nassib. 

Typical Giants fan reaction: Smart move. When Eli Manning retires in 2020, Nassib should be ready to step in. 

Typical Jets fan reaction: I can't believe we passed on Geno Smith in the first round. 

(Fast forward to present day.)

I can't believe we wasted a second-round pick on Geno Smith. 

3. It's snowing considerably outside as both teams prepare for games on the East Coast.

Typical Giants fan reaction: What great football weather!

Typical Jets fan reaction: Do you realize we are 0-10 in games below freezing when it snows?

4. Each team is facing a third-and-25 on offense and their fans are debating on what the team should do.

Typical Giants fan reaction: Just have Manning drop back and launch it blindly. Somebody will probably just catch it one-handed by pinning it against their head, or find an insane way to get both feet down in double coverage on the sideline. 

Typical Jets fan reaction: We should just punt it now. We're going to have to do it on fourth down anyway. 

5. Both teams had surprising starts to the 2013 season. The Giants surprised everybody by starting 0-6, while the Jets also turned heads by starting 5-3, including wins over New England and New Orleans. 

Typical Giants fan reaction: I know we lost the first six games, but we're not in that bad of shape. If we can just win out, we've still got a microscopic shot at a playoff spot. 

Typical Jets fan reaction: What an amazing start! The worst we can finish is 5-11 now. 

6. The Jets released quarterback Mark Sanchez in late March and some speculated the Giants might have interest in signing him. 

Typical Giants fan reaction: I know he's struggled in recent years, but he's still one of the best in the league at holding a clipboard. 

Typical Jets fan reaction: Just watch, Bill Belichick is going to sign him as a fullback and he'll run for 10 touchdowns next season. 

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