RG3, NFL player rep debate merits of CBA proposal on Twitter
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Two NFL players gave the public a glimpse at what a discussion over the proposed CBA might be like when they got into a back and forth on Twitter.

Baltimore Ravens backup quarterback Robert Griffin III engaged in a lively debate with Washington Redskins player representative and long snapper Nick Sundberg.

Griffin supported the public stances of Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson to vote against the proposal. Sundberg explained why he voted yes.

Griffin and Sundberg then debated the merits of trying to persuade the owners to remove franchise tags or at least deter teams from using them, which led to a discussion on guaranteed contracts.

The topic then turned to the lengths the players should go to in negotiations and whether it would lead to them losing a deal entirely or even a lockout.

The two continued on for some time, turning the conversation to the upcoming TV deals the owners are set to negotiate with networks and what would occur in the event of a lockout.

It's but a glimpse into the conversations players are having as the proposed CBA was sent to all players for a vote.

RG3, NFL player rep debate merits of CBA proposal on Twitter
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