Fantasy: 12-team PPR mock draft with analysis after every round
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Mock drafts

theScore's staff held a 12-team, 12-round mock to provide a glimpse of what your drafts could look like and give insight on what to watch for in each round.

This is a PPR scoring league with the following roster spots: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, BN, BN, BN, BN. We excluded defenses and kickers, as those positions normally get selected in the final two rounds.

Draft participants: Justin Boone, Lanny Foster, Dan Wilkins, Gino Bottero, Taylor Rohaly, Ian Dalley, Dustin Saracini, Dan Levine, Sean Tomlinson, Mike Alessandrini, Jack Browne, Alex Chippin.

Round 1

Pick Player Owner
1 Saquon Barkley (RB1) Boone
2 Alvin Kamara (RB2) Foster
3 Christian McCaffrey (RB3) Wilkins
4 Ezekiel Elliott (RB4) Bottero
5 Odell Beckham Jr. (WR1) Rohaly
6 Melvin Gordon (RB5) Dalley
7 DeAndre Hopkins (WR2) Saracini
8 Davante Adams (WR3) Levine
9 David Johnson (RB6) Tomlinson
10 James Conner (RB7) Alessandrini
11 Michael Thomas (WR4) Browne
12 Le'Veon Bell (RB8) Chippin

Round 1: There are several running backs to consider with the first overall selection, but Barkley's upside as a pass-catcher locks him into the top of my board in a PPR draft ... Excitement over Beckham's escape from New York pushes him all the way to the top of the receiver pile in this mock. Beckham is always capable of becoming the top fantasy WR, and with an upgrade at quarterback, we could see a career year from OBJ ... Though taking Bell in the opening round comes with more risk than it did a couple of years ago, his history as a receiving weapon makes him well worth the gamble at the 1-2 turn.

Round 2

Pick Player Owner
13 Antonio Brown (WR5) Chippin
14 Travis Kelce (TE1) Browne
15 Julio Jones (WR6) Alessandrini
16 JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR7) Tomlinson
17 Todd Gurley (RB9) Levine
18 Joe Mixon (RB10) Saracini
19 Dalvin Cook (RB11) Dalley
20 Aaron Jones (RB12) Rohaly
21 Mike Evans (WR8) Bottero
22 Nick Chubb (RB13) Wilkins
23 Keenan Allen (WR9) Foster
24 A.J. Green (WR10) Boone

Round 2: Brown has fallen in some drafts, with fantasy owners questioning the impact of his attitude, offseason antics, and the transition to a new team in Oakland. However, once he's back on the field, it won't take long for him to remind fantasy managers that he's coming off six straight seasons with at least 100 receptions, 1,200 yards, and eight touchdowns. You have to like Team Chippin also reuniting former Steelers teammates Bell and Brown ... After going in the third round of our recent 10-team standard mock, Kelce nearly sneaks into the first round here. The advantage he provides as a fantasy tight end warrants the costly investment. Kelce's 294.6 PPR fantasy points in 2018 led his position and would have made him the ninth-best wide receiver ... Stars like Gurley and Green are coming at a discount due to uncertain injury situations. Enjoy the sale price while it lasts.

Round 3

Pick Player Owner
25 George Kittle (TE2) Boone
26 Adam Thielen (WR11) Foster
27 Amari Cooper (WR12) Wilkins
28 Stefon Diggs (WR13) Bottero
29 Zach Ertz (TE3) Rohaly
30 T.Y. Hilton (WR14) Dalley
31 Damien Williams (RB14) Saracini
32 Marlon Mack (RB15) Levine
33 Brandin Cooks (WR15) Tomlinson
34 Julian Edelman (WR16) Alessandrini
35 Tarik Cohen (RB16) Browne
36 Josh Jacobs (RB17) Chippin

Round 3: Maintaining a balanced roster in the early rounds makes it easier to capitalize on value later in drafts. Adding Kittle here guarantees high-end production at a volatile position, while also preventing me from worrying about being trapped on the wrong end of a tight-end run. That's a legitimate concern when you're picking at the beginning or end of a draft ... You can see distinct PPR decisions being made in this round, with players like Edelman and Cohen going far earlier than in other formats. After serving a four-game suspension, Edelman played at a 99-catch, 1,133-yard, eight-touchdown pace over his final 12 appearances in 2018, which are borderline top-12 numbers in PPR leagues. Meanwhile, Cohen hauled in 71 passes, vaulting him into the RB11 slot at the end of 2018.

Round 4

Pick Player Owner
37 Robert Woods (WR17) Chippin
38 Dante Pettis (WR18) Browne
39 Tyler Lockett (WR19) Alessandrini
40 Mark Ingram (RB18) Tomlinson
41 Kenny Golladay (WR20) Levine
42 Chris Godwin (WR21) Saracini
43 Sony Michel (RB19) Dalley
44 Leonard Fournette (RB20) Rohaly
45 Devonta Freeman (RB21) Bottero
46 Patrick Mahomes (QB1) Wilkins
47 Chris Carson (RB22) Foster
48 Kerryon Johnson (RB23) Boone

Round 4: Even as someone who loves Pettis as a breakout candidate in 2019, this feels like a reach in the fourth round. Pettis is definitely a player you want to own, but managers should be able to get him a round or two later ... I continue to take personal responsibility for Fournette dropping into the fourth round in our mocks since I've spoken about not trusting him this season. Unless he falls to you in this range, let another owner assume the risk ... The Lions are talking about another backfield by committee with Johnson, C.J. Anderson, and presumably Theo Riddick all involved. Johnson is by far the most talented member of that group. He should see more than enough volume to become a top-20 fantasy back in an offense that wants to build around the run. With 32 catches over 10 games in 2018, Johnson was also on pace for 50-plus receptions as a rookie before his injury. Please don't screw this up, Matt Patricia.

Round 5

Pick Player Owner
49 Phillip Lindsay (RB24) Boone
50 Jarvis Landry (WR22) Foster
51 Allen Robinson (WR23) Wilkins
52 Alshon Jeffery (WR24) Bottero
53 Cooper Kupp (WR25) Rohaly
54 D.J. Moore (WR26) Dalley
55 Kenyan Drake (RB25) Saracini
56 O.J. Howard (TE4) Levine
57 Hunter Henry (TE5) Tomlinson
58 Lamar Miller (RB26) Alessandrini
59 Mike Williams (WR27) Browne
60 Jared Cook (TE6) Chippin

Round 5: Getting last year's RB13 in PPR in the fifth round is outstanding value, forcing me to move away from a balanced draft. Lindsay will give me a significant edge as a flex player, and I'm confident I can find upside receivers in the later rounds to fill out my starting lineup ... An early run on the second tier of tight ends begins in this round, with three of my favorite targets - Howard, Henry, and Cook - all finding homes. It'll be interesting to see how the tight end market develops in 2019 drafts, with that clear top trio off the table in the first three rounds. Owners who recall grinding their way through last season with waiver-wire scraps at the position might be compelled to overpay.

Round 6

Pick Player Owner
61 Tyler Boyd (WR28) Chippin
62 James White (RB27) Browne
63 Sammy Watkins (WR29) Alessandrini
64 Calvin Ridley (WR30) Tomlinson
65 Robby Anderson (WR31) Levine
66 Golden Tate (WR32) Saracini
67 Corey Davis (WR33) Dalley
68 Derrick Henry (RB28) Rohaly
69 Evan Engram (TE7) Bottero
70 N'Keal Harry (WR34) Wilkins
71 Will Fuller (WR35) Foster
72 Tevin Coleman (RB29) Boone

Round 6: This round could also be labeled "the round that broke my heart." That's because several receivers I had hoped would make it back to me were all drafted. Watkins, Anderson, Ridley, and Tate were my main targets, but they were all chosen before I got back on the clock ... The result was a surprising set of ball carriers still hanging around at the end of the sixth. Even though it wasn't a position of need, I once again elected to make the value pick, giving Coleman the nod over rookies David Montgomery and Miles Sanders. All three are facing battles for playing time, but I'm buying into Coleman's shares in 2019 because of his history with 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan.

Round 7

Pick Player Owner
73 Marvin Jones (WR36) Boone
74 David Njoku (TE8) Foster
75 David Montgomery (RB30) Wilkins
76 Christian Kirk (WR37) Bottero
77 Derrius Guice (RB31) Rohaly
78 Andrew Luck (QB2) Dalley
79 Deshaun Watson (QB3) Saracini
80 Aaron Rodgers (QB4) Levine
81 LeSean McCoy (RB32) Tomlinson
82 Miles Sanders (RB33) Alessandrini
83 Anthony Miller (WR38) Browne
84 Matt Ryan (QB5) Chippin

Round 7: I finally select Jones to address my receiving corps. He's being underrated coming off an injury-shortened campaign. Prior to being sidelined in Week 10, Jones was the WR27 in PPR formats in 2018, even with Kenny Golladay and Golden Tate fighting him for targets. With Tate out of the picture, Jones will return to a similar role and get a chance to earn more targets ... The value of rookies like Montgomery and Sanders will rise as offseason reports trickle in over the next few months and into training camp. Both should be taken well ahead of McCoy, who was barely a fantasy factor last year and is on the downside of his career ... Though I normally wait to draft a quarterback, grabbing Luck, Watson, or Rodgers in this range is defensible. Ryan is a little bit harder to justify, but Team Chippin must be confident the Falcons' passer will come close to repeating his 2018 stats. That's when Ryan posted the second-most fantasy points among quarterbacks.

Round 8

Pick Player Owner
85 Tyreek Hill (WR39) Chippin
86 Baker Mayfield (QB6) Browne
87 Eric Ebron (TE9) Alessandrini
88 Sterling Shepard (WR40) Tomlinson
89 Rashaad Penny (RB34) Levine
90 Delanie Walker (TE10) Saracini
91 Courtland Sutton (WR41) Dalley
92 Keke Coutee (WR42) Rohaly
93 Peyton Barber (RB35) Bottero
94 Dede Westbrook (WR43) Wilkins
95 D'Onta Foreman (RB36) Foster
96 Geronimo Allison (WR37) Boone

Round 8: Hill is a player I've avoided unless my team is desperate for receiver upside in the later rounds, so I haven't ended up with him on many rosters. Had he not been drafted in the first 11 picks of this round, I would have considered him as a calculated gamble at the 8-9 turn ... Tight ends continue to fly off the board earlier than their current ADPs, further justifying the move to secure one of Kelce, Kittle, or Ertz in the second or third rounds ... Foreman's recovery from a torn Achilles suffered in 2017 continues with no assurances he'll ever regain his previous form. He's worth a late-round flier as a potential challenger to Lamar Miller's starting spot, but the eighth round is too early given the very limited success of running backs returning from Achilles tears.

Round 9

Pick Player Owner
97 John Brown (WR44) Boone
98 Latavius Murray (RB38) Foster
99 Darrell Henderson (RB39) Wilkins
100 James Washington (WR45) Bottero
101 Kenny Stills (WR46) Rohaly
102 Jordan Howard (RB40) Dalley
103 Devin Funchess (WR47) Saracini
104 Jerick McKinnon (RB41) Levine
105 Drew Brees (QB7) Tomlinson
106 Kareem Hunt (RB42) Alessandrini
107 Nyheim Hines (RB43) Browne
108 Dion Lewis (RB44) Chippin

Round 9: As promised, I'm loading up on high-upside receivers like Allison and Brown. Both wideouts have enjoyed fantasy success over brief stretches of their careers, and they now enter 2019 with a chance to become weekly difference-makers. Allison is the favorite to earn the No. 2 role while catching passes from Rodgers in Green Bay, while Brown's deep-ball skills will be an excellent match with Josh Allen's monster arm in Buffalo ... Team Levine likely wishes it could have drafted Henderson to hedge its bets as the Gurley owner. Henderson is slated to handle change-of-pace duties behind Gurley, but until we see the latter back to full strength, the rookie's fantasy value will continue to creep up.

Round 10

Pick Player Owner
109 Emmanuel Sanders (WR48) Chippin
110 Larry Fitzgerald (WR49) Browne
111 Carson Wentz (QB8) Alessandrini
112 DeSean Jackson (WR50) Tomlinson
113 Curtis Samuel (WR51) Levine
114 Carlos Hyde (RB45) Saracini
115 Michael Gallup (WR52) Dalley
116 Russell Wilson (QB9) Rohaly
117 Cam Newton (QB10) Bottero
118 Jordan Reed (TE11) Wilkins
119 MeCole Hardman (WR53) Foster
120 Matt Breida (RB46) Boone

Round 10: As always, the double-digit rounds are a prime spot for finding quarterbacks and taking big swings on players with upside. Selecting Breida gives me two-thirds of a 49ers backfield that we know will produce under Shanahan. Whether you see Breida as insurance behind Coleman, or as a candidate to win the starting job outright, he's a name to remember in the late stages of your draft ... Sanders hasn't been available at this point in fantasy drafts in years past, and he could start the season on the PUP list due to an Achilles' injury. If you're thinking about taking him, make sure you're willing to wait until the second half of the season before getting a return on your investment.

Round 11

Pick Player Owner
121 Jameis Winston (QB11) Boone
122 Tom Brady (QB12) Foster
123 T.J. Hockenson (TE12) Wilkins
124 Jamaal Williams (RB47) Bottero
125 D.K. Metcalf (WR54) Rohaly
126 Vance McDonald (TE13) Dalley
127 Marquise Brown (WR55) Saracini
128 Justice Hill (RB48) Levine
129 Austin Ekeler (RB49) Tomlinson
130 Robert Foster (WR56) Alessandrini
131 Parris Campbell (WR57) Browne
132 Marquise Goodwin (WR58) Chippin

Round 11: Winston was featured prominently in my recent bounce-back candidates article. With a talented supporting cast and Bruce Arians leading the way, don't be surprised if Winston finishes 2019 as one of the top fantasy quarterbacks ... Elsewhere, this round was filled with rookies who have the allure of an unopened birthday present. Before we see the paper torn off, they could be anything. Metcalf, Campbell, and Hockenson are in favorable situations and should see consistent snaps, making them the most likely to deliver. Hill will also receive a shot at year-one production in Baltimore's run-heavy system as a complementary piece behind Ingram. His new teammate Brown could struggle with target volume unless Lamar Jackson makes a major sophomore leap as a passer.

Round 12

Pick Player Owner
133 Jimmy Graham (TE14) Chippin
134 Royce Freeman (RB50) Browne
135 Ito Smith (RB51) Alessandrini
136 Adam Humphries (WR59) Tomlinson
137 Noah Fant (TE15) Levine
138 Philip Rivers (QB13) Saracini
139 Jamison Crowder (WR60) Dalley
140 Jaylen Samuels (RB52) Rohaly
141 Ronald Jones (RB53) Bottero
142 Tyrell Williams (WR61) Wilkins
143 Kyler Murray (QB14) Foster
144 Josh Gordon (WR62) Boone

Round 12: While Team Foster may have fallen victim to the name value of six-time Super Bowl champion Brady in the 11th round, pairing the 41-year-old with dual-threat rookie Murray is a smart move that comes with a high fantasy floor and ceiling ... Gordon isn't a player I'm looking to add on many rosters, but in an effort to inject my receiving corps with even more upside, I'll take a chance that the suspended Patriots wideout gets reinstated at some point in 2019. A final-round pick is a small price to pay to hold Gordon's rights until the league decides his fate.

Mock drafts

Fantasy: 12-team PPR mock draft with analysis after every round
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