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NFL Power Rankings - Week 6: Browns surge, 49ers stumble

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The NFL Power Rankings are selected by a panel of theScore's football editors, including Mike Alessandrini, Jack Browne, Michael McClymont, and Arun Srinivasan.

1. Los Angeles Rams (5-0)

Previous Rank: 1

The NFC West race is already over and the high-flying Rams can start thinking about securing home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. - Browne

2. Kansas City Chiefs (5-0)

Previous Rank: 2

Kansas City's previously lifeless defense finally sprung into action in Week 5, showing that the Chiefs may be more than just a dominant pass attack. - Browne

3. New Orleans Saints (4-1)

Previous Rank: 3

Drew Brees was the star of the show Monday night, breaking the all-time passing record. He's not slowing down anytime soon, to the horror of defensive coordinators everywhere. - Srinivasan

4. New England Patriots (3-2)

Previous Rank: 6

Tom Brady. Patrick Mahomes. Sunday night. Buckle up. - Alessandrini

5. Carolina Panthers (3-1)

Previous Rank: 5

Graham Gano's 63-yard game-winning field goal deservedly gets all the attention, but the Panthers appeared to be in control the entire game. This team is legitimately dangerous. - Srinivasan

6. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2)

Previous Rank: 4

Blake Bortles threw an absurd 61 times on a rare off day from the defense. The impact of Leonard Fournette's absence cannot be overstated. - Srinivasan

7. Cincinnati Bengals (4-1)

Previous Rank: 9

This is the Cincinnati offense most envisioned would actually take shape last season. The Bengals are alone atop the AFC North. - McClymont

8. Chicago Bears (3-1)

Previous Rank: 10

Are the 3-1 Bears for real? We'll get the answer soon as Chicago exits the bye week looking at dates with Miami and New England. - McClymont

9. Los Angeles Chargers (3-2)

Previous Rank: 14

As has been the case for his entire career, Philip Rivers is playing amazing football but few seem to be noticing. Only Mahomes has more touchdown passes, and only Jared Goff's passer rating is higher. - Browne

10. Minnesota Vikings (2-2-1)

Previous Rank: 13

The record may not be what they expected, but the Vikings had perhaps the toughest schedule to this point in the season. And Kirk Cousins has been everything they could have hoped for. - McClymont

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2-1)

Previous Rank: 17

WiFi Lit. The connection between Big Ben and Antonio Brown was at full strength on Sunday. There's still plenty of time for the Steelers to make up for the early-season stumbles. - McClymont

12. Green Bay Packers (2-2-1)

Previous Rank: 7

A hobbled Aaron Rodgers received little help on Sunday. It's concerning how long the Packers have gone without surrounding their franchise talent with an appropriate supporting cast. - McClymont

13. Baltimore Ravens (3-2)

Previous Rank: 8

Just when we were beginning to have faith in the Joe Flacco-led Ravens, they produce a stinker against the Browns. - McClymont

14. Philadelphia Eagles (2-3)

Previous Rank: 11

The Super Bowl hangover is real. The defense has taken the blame in recent weeks, but Doug Pederson's offense has taken a giant step back from its incredible 2017. - Alessandrini

15. Miami Dolphins (3-2)

Previous Rank: 16

Their 3-0 record is a thing of the past, as the Dolphins are reverting back to preseason expectations. The offensive line is a major issue. - Alessandrini

16. Tennessee Titans (3-2)

Previous Rank: 12

Record be damned, if Marcus Mariota can barely complete 50 percent of his passes against the Bills, the Titans' ambitions to win the division are seemingly doomed. - Srinivasan

17. Washington Redskins (2-2)

Previous Rank: 15

With all three of their division rivals losing Sunday, the Redskins had a chance to assert their dominance over the NFC East on Monday night. Washington proved it's not ready to take that step. - Alessandrini

18. Cleveland Browns (2-2-1)

Previous Rank: 25

It's officially time to give the Browns the respect they deserve. There's an argument to be made they should be 5-0. Teams are now dreading the fact they have them on their schedule. - McClymont

19. Detroit Lions (2-3)

Previous Rank: 23

Wins against the Patriots and Packers, losses to the Jets and Cowboys. Don't look at us, we can't figure this team out either! - McClymont

20. Seattle Seahawks (2-3)

Previous Rank: 21

Seattle gets credit for staying with the Rams, a feat few teams will be able to boast by the season's end. - Browne

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2)

Previous Rank: 20

A reeling Falcons team provides an ideal opportunity for the Buccaneers to find their way again coming out of the bye week. - Srinivasan

22. Houston Texans (2-3)

Previous Rank: 24

Don't look now, but J.J. Watt is firmly back in the mix to win a record fourth Defensive Player of the Year Award, with six sacks and four forced fumbles anchoring an otherwise inconsistent Texans side. - Srinivasan

23. Denver Broncos (2-3)

Previous Rank: 19

The 2018 season is starting to feel a lot like the forgettable 2017 campaign in Denver. Vance Joseph's seat is getting hotter by the week. - Browne

24. Atlanta Falcons (1-4)

Previous Rank: 18

A trendy Super Bowl pick, this simply isn't the same team without Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, and Ricardo Allen. It's getting ugly in Atlanta. - Srinivasan

25. New York Jets (2-3)

Previous Rank: 30

Isaiah Crowell and the Jets tore Denver's run defense to shreds, but rookie Sam Darnold's play still left something to be desired. His accuracy should improve as the season continues. - Alessandrini

26. Dallas Cowboys (2-3)

Previous Rank: 22

Dak Prescott is beginning to finding his rhythm, but he has absolutely no help outside of Ezekiel Elliott. It's too bad, as the Cowboys field a strong defensive unit. - Alessandrini

27. Buffalo Bills (2-3)

Previous Rank: 31

The Bills' bizarre season continues. A dominant defensive effort fueled a win over Tennessee, but the offense remains the worst in the NFL, averaging a measly 12.6 points per game - Alessandrini

28. New York Giants (1-4)

Previous Rank: 27

Landon Collins can blame the refs all he wants, but the Giants haven't gotten efficient outings from both sides of the ball in well over a year. - Alessandrini

29. Indianapolis Colts (1-4)

Previous Rank: 26

Andrew Luck is seemingly back to normal but it's sub-optimal to see him throw nearly 60 passes to a wide receiver corps that remains mostly anonymous to even the most die-hard Colts fans. - Srinivasan

30. Oakland Raiders (1-4)

Previous Rank: 28

Did Jon Gruden not see the Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl?! Give. It. To. Marshawn. - Browne

31. Arizona Cardinals (1-4)

Previous Rank: 32

Budda Baker won't get national attention playing for the lowly Cardinals, but the second-year safety is quickly becoming one of the league's most well-rounded playmakers. - Browne

32. San Francisco 49ers (1-4)

Previous Rank: 29

No Jimmy G is obviously a nightmare for the 49ers, but a league-worst three forced turnovers prove San Francisco has more than just issues under center. - Browne

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