McAdoo brushes off suggestion Giants' offense is too predictable

Ben McAdoo isn't worried about what other teams may or may not know about his offensive schemes.

McAdoo answered questions Thursday regarding Odell Beckham Jr.'s comments to reporters regarding the predictability of New York's offense. After Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Beckham said cornerback Vernon Hargreaves told him, "You know, we know a lot of what you're doing."

The Giants coach downplayed the issue, citing scouting practices and preparation as the more likely reasons for any enhanced ability to shut down his offense.

"Your interpretation of what Odell said and mine are entirely different," McAdoo told Dan Duggan of "Teams do a good job scouting the opponent. That's a part of gamesmanship. We have things to counteract it, and it paid off for us in the game. Every defensive back thinks they know what you're running until they don't. Unfortunately, we didn't win the game."

Beckham chalked it up to a lack of execution on the Giants' part, a sentiment McAdoo echoed.

"There is no defense for the perfect throw and the good route," McAdoo said. "I think if we do what we're supposed to do from an execution standpoint and the throw is on time and where it's supposed to be, we should be able to complete the ball. And we are one broken tackle away from taking one to the house, especially when Odell is the receiver."

McAdoo brushes off suggestion Giants' offense is too predictable
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