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NFL Management Summit: Ranking the league's 32 owners

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theScore evaluates the leadership positions within each NFL organization to determine which franchise possesses the best staff.

32. Washington Redskins - Dan Snyder

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
31st 32nd 32nd 30th

Adding Scot McCloughan as general manager gives the Redskins an opportunity to build a long-term contender, but that's assuming Snyder can stay out of his way. Washington has been a dysfunctional organization for the better part of his ownership, and there's no better example of that dynamic than the power he appeared to give RG3. - Dan Wilkins

31. Cleveland Browns - Jimmy Haslam

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
32nd 30th 30th 32nd

Embroiled in an embarrassing scandal that saw his company pay a $92-million fine for fraud, Haslam is the picture-perfect culprit for the Browns' demise. Haslam's done little to improve his team and fires personnel with the frequency of a bored despot. - Arun Srinivasan

30. San Francisco 49ers - Jed York

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
28th 31st 28th 31st

York looked like a great owner when Jim Harbaugh was head coach, but when a power struggle occurred between GM Trent Baalke and Harbaugh, York chose his GM and the team has suffered ever since. - Justin Boone

29. Miami Dolphins - Stephen Ross

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
29th 29th 27th 27th

Miami has been a poorly run organization for years, and that starts right at the top. Staffing decisions at all levels have been baffling, and there still doesn't seem to be any sort of structure underneath Ross. The Dolphins have to be hoping to get lucky with Adam Gase as head coach. - Wilkins

28. New Orleans Saints - Tom Benson

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
24th 27th 31st 28th

While Benson dukes it out with his family in court over conflicting accounts of his mental stability and relationship with his children, we'll leave that bit to the judge. Benson has appeared too busy with other affairs to pressure his team into becoming a winner or developing the least bit of salary cap awareness. - Mitch Sanderson

27. San Diego Chargers - Spanos family

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
30th 26th 25th 26th

The Chargers, temporarily putting off their L.A. pursuit, are pushing for a new stadium predominantly funded by the city of San Diego. Those efforts, in combination with a decade spent in utter mediocrity, likely don't have the Spanos family held in high regard by fans. - Wilkins

26. Tennessee Titans - Amy Adams Strunk

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
26th 22nd 29th 29th

Adams Strunk has just recently taken control of her father's former team and so far she hasn't done anything to give reason not to like her, nor has she done anything to win the support of fans and owners. Time will tell. - Sanderson

25. Indianapolis Colts - Jim Irsay

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
22nd 28th 26th 25th

While Irsay has cleaned up his act a bit recently, he still has a DUI and drug possession arrest on his record from 2014. Irsay also continues to be one of the most active owners on social media, which might not be a good thing. - Boone

24. Detroit Lions - Martha Ford

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
27th 19th 24th 24th

Ford has only been in control of her team for two years, but as one of the three sole female NFL owners, she deserves some recognition. After a brutal start by the Lions last season, she had the guts to clean house and fire several key staff members for their underachieving performance. - Sanderson

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Glazer family

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
21st 18th 22nd 22nd

The most impressive thing about the Glazers' ownership is that the Bucs are actually the second most valuable team the family owns behind the legendary Manchester United Football Club. The other football. - Sanderson

22. New York Jets - Woody Johnson

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
17th 21st 21st 21st

The Jets have bordered on a sideshow at times during Johnson’s reign, but the team's current status appears to be stable. Johnson brought in GM Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles in 2015 and the pair guided the club to their first 10-win season in six years. - Boone

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Mike Brown

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
16th 25th 16th 20th

Lampooned for his frugality and numerous disputes with players, Brown is an easy target for those inclined to hate him. However, since inheriting the team in 1991, the Bengals owner remained fiercely supportive of his head coach and GM, making him a polarizing figure. - Srinivasan

20. Minnesota Vikings - Zygi Wilf

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
14th 24th 20th 18th

Wilf hasn’t exactly been a model owner, after being forced by a Superior Court judge to pay $84.5 million in a 2013 fraud case. However, the Vikings are a young team on the rise, so from an NFL standpoint he must be doing something right. - Boone

19. Philadelphia Eagles - Jeffrey Lurie

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
15th 23rd 18th 16th

Lurie gets credit for the swift fashion in which he moved on from Chip Kelly, when it was clear the team was being affected both on and off the field. That decisive leadership has helped the club stay in contention, as they've posted just three losing seasons since 2000. - Boone

18. Oakland Raiders - Mark Davis

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
20th 11th 15th 23rd

Davis takes a lot of heat for his goofy hairstyle and not being his father, but he's made some good moves in his time as owner. Turning over football power to Reggie McKenzie was a long overdue move and taking his team to Vegas would be groundbreaking for the league. - Sanderson

17. Los Angeles Rams - Stan Kroenke

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
25th 13th 23rd 8th

Kroenke won't have any fans in St. Louis, but he was never shy about the fact he wanted Los Angeles. The business side taken care of, the football side isn't in bad shape either. The clear focus on continuity can be commended regardless of Jeff Fisher's underwhelming tenure. - Wilkins

16. Carolina Panthers - Jerry Richardson

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
10th 17th 17th 19th

Opinions about the Panthers owner are mixed, especially after the hard stance he reportedly took during the 2011 CBA negotiations. Richardson, who once played in the league, helped bring the NFL to North Carolina and has the organization set up to succeed for many years to come. - Boone

15. Buffalo Bills - Pegula family

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
18th 15th 12th 17th

The late Ralph Wilson was an iconic owner, helping bridge the AFL-NFL merger and wanted the team to remain in Buffalo after his death. Terry Pegula's been a perfect successor in this right, and he hasn't been hesitant to spend money on the club since buying the team in 2014. - Srinivasan

14. Jacksonville Jaguars - Shad Khan

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
23rd 12th 11th 14th

Noted yacht enthusiast Khan has exorbitantly installed a swimming pool in his team's facility. Khan ruled out the possibility of relocating the team, further endearing himself to the community. The NFL's resident playboy owner embodies everything fun and exciting about the league and is a welcome presence in the otherwise stoic group. - Srinivasan

13. Atlanta Falcons - Arthur Blank

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
19th 9th 19th 12th

The Falcons are mediocre on the field, but Blank is a true gentleman in the board room. He's hard not to root for after beating cancer this offseason and signing "The Giving Pledge," committing at least half his wealth to charitable organizations. - Sanderson

12. Houston Texans - Bob McNair

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
13th 16th 14th 13th

Despite being the NFL's newest team, the Texans have quietly developed into a strong organization. McNair and the rest of the front office make solid hires and show the necessary patience thereafter. That could pay off in a big way with Rick Smith and Bill O'Brien. - Wilkins

11. Arizona Cardinals - Bill Bidwill

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
9th 20th 9th 15th

The NFL's longest tenured individual owner, Bidwill shed his reputation as a frugal operator with the team increasing payroll in recent years. University of Phoenix Stadium is a marvel and may be Bidwill's legacy after he cedes control of the club to his children. - Srinivasan

10. Baltimore Ravens - Steve Bisciotti

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
11th 14th 13th 11th

While his handling of the Ray Rice situation was regrettable, Bisciotti has done a good job of trusting and empowering GM Ozzie Newsome and his staff to run the team. - Boone

9. Kansas City Chiefs - Clark Hunt

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
12th 10th 8th 9th

Instrumental in bridging the AFL-NFL merger, the Hunt family ensured the Chiefs remain a Kansas City institution for decades and ought to be lauded for their efforts. - Srinivasan

8. Chicago Bears - Virginia McCaskey

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
6th 6th 10th 10th

Until recently, McCaskey was the NFL's only female owner, following the death of former Rams owner Georgia Frontiere in 2008. The NFL's owner meetings are the definition of an Old Boys Club, but McCaskey's presence since 1983 has given the NFL some of the diversity it's desperately lacking. - Sanderson

7. Denver Broncos - Bowlen family

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
7th 8th 7th 6th

A model organization, the Broncos have found themselves in the playoffs an impressive 18 times since Pat Bowlen bought the team in 1984. That stretch includes three Super Bowl titles, and just six full-time head coaches. The necessary structure has long been in place. - Wilkins

6. Dallas Cowboys - Jerry Jones

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
5th 5th 5th 7th

Jones may rub some people the wrong way with his comments, but there's no doubt he loves his team and is willing to do anything to help them win, regardless of price. He's arguably the NFL's most influential owner. - Sanderson

5. Seattle Seahawks - Paul Allen

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
8th 4th 6th 3rd

There isn't much more an owner could do to earn the love of a fan base. Allen bought the Seahawks in 1996 and kept the club in Seattle amid a threatened move to California. Though difficult years followed, some strong hires have recently helped the team grab its first Super Bowl and emerge as a perennial contender. - Wilkins

4. New York Giants - John Mara/Steve Tisch

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
4th 7th 4th 5th

The Mara family are one of America's great dynasties, even through the narrow lens of the football world. For 91 years, the Mara family ensured the club remained one of the NFL's marquee franchises, and it doesn't appear that'll be changing any time soon. - Srinivasan

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - Rooney family

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
2nd 3rd 2nd 2nd

The Rooney family has been consistently involved in the league's most groundbreaking developments, and has been a model example for decades. By helping implement the Rooney Rule, African-Americans gained greater access to opportunities than ever before, and it's an enduring legacy that will continue to shine long after Dan Rooney dies. - Srinivasan

2. New England Patriots - Robert Kraft

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
3rd 2nd 3rd 1st

The Patriots may have gotten lucky with Tom Brady, but Kraft knew exactly who he wanted to take over as head coach for Pete Carroll in 2000. He and Bill Belichick have since formed what is far and away the NFL's top leadership tandem, winning four Super Bowls and quite possibly positioning themselves for several more. - Wilkins

1. Green Bay Packers - Publicly owned (CEO Mark Murphy)

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
1st 1st 1st 4th

As the only fan-owned team in major North American sports, the Packers find themselves in an incredibly unique situation. Murphy heads a seven-member executive committee, which has helped the Packers remain one of the NFL’s most successful franchises. - Boone

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