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NFL Management Summit: Ranking the league's 32 GMs

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theScore evaluates the leadership positions within each NFL organization to determine which franchise possesses the best staff.

32. Miami Dolphins - Mike Tannenbaum/Chris Grier

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
32nd 30th 32nd 31st

While the Dolphins have been a model of inconsistency in recent years, for some reason they felt promoting a GM from within and grabbing a former Jets executive would fix the problem. - Mitch Sanderson

31. Indianapolis Colts - Ryan Grigson

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
31st 32nd 30th 30th

Aside from drafting Andrew Luck first overall in 2012, it's hard to think of any positive personnel moves Grigson made. All his attempts to improve an otherwise decrepit roster proved to be fruitless, and the Colts may consider cutting ties with him if he doesn't improve. - Arun Srinivasan

30. San Diego Chargers - Tom Telesco

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
30th 26th 31st 26th

Telesco has found a few key pieces, but most success he's had can be attributed to Philip Rivers' ability to will this team forward. So far his biggest accomplishment has been being named the youngest GM in team history. - Sanderson

29. Cleveland Browns - Sashi Brown

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
27th 29th 25th 32nd

It's too early to assess Brown's tenure, but he accrued a number of picks and many believe he aced the draft. He'll need to continue to keep up the good work, inheriting the debris left by countless GMs before him. - Srinivasan

28. San Francisco 49ers - Trent Baalke

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
28th 31st 29th 25th

For as much credit as Baalke deserves for helping the 49ers' three years of dominance, the current state of the roster, for the most part, falls on his shoulders. This has quickly become one of the NFL's least talented groups. - Dan Wilkins

27. Detroit Lions - Bob Quinn

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
25th 28th 28th 23rd

Quinn will become easier to evaluate once there's a larger body of work to go through. In the meantime, Quinn is faced with the arduous task of keeping the Lions afloat in the hyper-competitive NFC North. - Srinivasan

26. New Orleans Saints - Mickey Loomis

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
25th 28th 28th 23rd

Loomis has always been able to give the Saints some talent to work with. The severe mismanagement of the cap, however, leaves the team far more top heavy than it needs to be. - Wilkins

25. Tennessee Titans - Jon Robinson

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
24th 25th 27th 27th

Hiring Mike Mularkey as head coach doesn’t inspire much confidence, but Robinson’s decision to trade out of the top spot in this year’s draft will ultimately define his tenure. If he’s able to use the plethora of picks to rebuild the Titans, they might just erect a statue of him outside the stadium. - Justin Boone

24. Buffalo Bills - Doug Whaley

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
18th 24th 24th 29th

While he’s made some mistakes along the way, there are signs Whaley might be honing his GM skills. Last year alone, Tyrod Taylor and Richie Incognito went from reclamation projects to starters in their first seasons in Buffalo, and Ronald Darby was a first-round talent unearthed on the second day of the draft. - Boone

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jason Licht

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
26th 22nd 21st 24th

Licht is off to a good start with the Buccaneers, acquiring Jameis Winston, Ali Marpet, and Donovan Smith in 2015. However, Licht needs to make better use of the team's cap space so he doesn't impede the progress he's made to date. - Srinivasan

22. Philadelphia Eagles - Howie Roseman

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
22nd 23rd 23rd 21st

Roseman has worked with a pair of coaches that held personnel control, but that's not to say he didn't have a hand in constructing a strong roster. Carson Wentz panning out would make him look like a genius for trading up. - Wilkins

21. Atlanta Falcons - Thomas Dimitroff

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
23rd 19th 20th 20th

Dimitroff started his Atlanta tenure well with four playoff appearances in five years, but three staight misses, a new head coach, and a brutal in-season collapse last year has this GM on the hot seat. - Sanderson

20. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dave Caldwell

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
21st 20th 22nd 18th

Caldwell essentially built the Jags offense at the 2014 draft and added a pair of defensive saviours at last month's draft, but his team's 12-36 record since taking over as GM has kept Jacksonville from gaining their desired respect. - Sanderson

19. Los Angeles Rams - Les Snead

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
20th 18th 17th 19th

Snead hasn't been afraid to take calculated risks in the past, most recently trading up to select Jared Goff first overall. While it's an admirable trait, he's largely failed to build a cohesive offense, save for drafting Todd Gurley. - Srinivasan

18. New York Jets - Mike Maccagnan

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
17th 21st 19th 16th

After a splashy first year on the job, including trading for Brandon Marshall and signing Darrelle Revis in free agency, Maccagnan’s second offseason has been a little quieter. If he can win the standoff and bring back last year’s starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, it will go down as another success. - Boone

17. Houston Texans - Rick Smith

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
16th 16th 16th 13th

Smith has quietly been putting together one of the NFL's most well-rounded rosters. The concern is whether he made a mistake paying Brock Osweiler out of desparation for a quarterback. That could make or break his tenure. - Wilkins

16. Chicago Bears - Ryan Pace

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
12th 14th 18th 17th

In his first year with the Bears, the 39-year-old laid a foundation to help rebuild the once competitive franchise and he’s continued to make smart, under-the-radar moves this offseason. Pace isn’t a household name yet, but he will be. - Boone

15. New York Giants - Jerry Reese

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
19th 10th 10th 22nd

Although he's been maligned in recent years, Reese is the architect of two Super Bowl-winning teams and few can match that statistic. - Srinivasan

14. Washington Redskins - Scot McCloughan

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
13th 17th 15th 12th

McCloughan arrived in Washington after contributing to the rise of the 49ers and Seahawks organizations. His first season went about as well as anyone could have expected on the field, but his impact on the roster will really take effect over the next couple years. - Boone

13. Dallas Cowboys - Jerry/Stephen Jones

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
15th 15th 14th 11th

Jerry and Stephen Jones are now working in tandem when it comes to player personnel moves. Stephen's presence appears to balance the boldness of his father in that regard, and Dallas has built a bona fide contender as a result. - Wilkins

12. Oakland Raiders - Reggie McKenzie

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
14th 11th 13th 14th

McKenzie has turned Oakland from a free-agent wasteland to a respectable destination, racking up a series of impressive signings this offseason. His core of young talent has Raider nation fired up for the coming years. - Sanderson

11. Kansas City Chiefs - John Dorsey

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
11th 13th 12th 10th

The turnaround was swift after Dorsey took over in 2013. A well-rounded roster has carried the club to a 31-17 mark over the three years since, and all indications are this is still a team on the rise. - Wilkins

10. Pittsburgh Steelers - Kevin Colbert

Colbert gets credit for surrounding Ben Roethlisberger with talent on offense, finding several stars later in the draft, like Antonio Brown (sixth round) and Le’Veon Bell (second round). His work on the defensive side of the ball hasn’t been nearly as impressive, but the Steelers have yet to post a losing season since he became GM. - Boone

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
10th 9th 11th 15th

9. Carolina Panthers - Dave Gettleman

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
8th 12th 8th 8th

Gettleman did a great job of improving a roster that was largely left in shambles by Marty Hurney's tenure. Gettleman routinely finds value late in the draft, complementing Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, and co. - Srinivasan

8. Minnesota Vikings - Rick Spielman

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
9th 7th 9th 9th

Spielman's patient approach in free agency and aggressive confidence at the draft propelled the Vikings to their first NFC North title in seven years last season, with plenty in the bank to make another run in 2016. - Sanderson

7. Cincinnati Bengals - Marvin Lewis/Duke Tobin

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
7th 8th 7th 5th

Who says a team needs a true GM? With head coach Lewis and director of player personnel Tobin making decisions, Cincinnati has been to the playoffs in six of the last seven years. This remains an incredibly deep roster. - Wilkins

6. Arizona Cardinals - Steve Keim

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
6th 6th 6th 7th

Keim and head coach Bruce Arians have helped turn the Cardinals into one of the best run organizations in football. In addition to finding value in the later rounds of the draft, Keim has made several bold moves, most recently acquiring Chandler Jones to shore up the pass rush. - Boone

5. Denver Broncos - John Elway

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
5th 4th 5th 4th

Tough to believe Elway could top his playing days as an executive, but signing Peyton Manning, five straight playoff appearances, and winning Super Bowl 50 is about as good it gets for a fifth-year GM. - Sanderson

4. Baltimore Ravens - Ozzie Newsome

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
3rd 5th 4th 2nd

The Hall of Fame tight end has found just as much success in the front office as he did on the field, building the Ravens into a perennial Super Bowl contender. While some of his recent drafts may not have been up to his lofty standards, Baltimore has still made the playoffs in six of the last eight seasons. - Boone

3. Green Bay Packers - Ted Thompson

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
4th 3rd 2nd 1st

As Packers fans routinely put it, "In Ted We Trust." Thompson's ultra-conservative approach to free agency and faith in his own team's draft board have paid off with seven straight postseason appearances. - Sanderson

2. Seattle Seahawks - John Schneider

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd

Schneider is putting on a clinic. Amid four years of dominance, the Seahawks GM has managed to keep intact both a stacked defense and get their superstar quarterback under contract. There could be a few more Lombardi Trophies on the way. - Wilkins

1. New England Patriots - Bill Belichick

Boone Sanderson Srinivasan Wilkins
1st 1st 1st 6th

Belichick is unquestionably the NFL's best GM, making a number of savvy, cost-effective moves in free agency every year, much to the envy of 31 other teams. With an unparalleled eye for talent, Belichick's imprint is all over every facet of the Patriots' dynasty. - Srinivasan

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