Nash urges injured Kerr to go home after he shows up at Warriors' practice
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Mere weeks after being brought on board by the Golden State Warriors, Steve Nash is already relieving his superiors of their duties.

With their best interests in mind, of course.

Nash, who was hired by the Warriors as a part-time player development consultant in September, apparently urged head coach Steve Kerr - on the mend from offseason back surgery - to go home after the Dubs' bench boss appeared at the team's practice on Friday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle's Rusty Simmons.

"If anybody can deal with it and cope with it, it’s Steve, but I really think he’s created an environment here that can run without him for a while," Nash said.

Kerr underwent two separate procedures to repair a herniated disc - the second of which occurred in early September - and opted to take a leave of absence from the team's preseason training camp.

His leave lasted less than 24 hours, until Nash nixed the premature comeback.

"I think he should take as much time as he can, because it’s very serious," Nash said.

Nash, 41, retired from the NBA in March after a stellar 19-year career. A key factor in expediting the Canadian's retirement was the long-term struggles with back issues he experienced himself.

Nash battled spondylolisthesis - a congenital condition that caused a displacement of the vertebrae in his back.

"I feel really bad for him," he said of Kerr. "I wouldn't wish that on anybody."

The two Steves have history with one another. Kerr was the general manager of the Phoenix Suns from 2007 to 2010, overlapping Nash's tenure as the team's star point guard.

The pair also faced each other frequently on the court, as both players' careers lasted through the 1990s and early 2000s.

While Kerr is not expected to be sidelined for too long, assistant coach Luke Walton has taken the reins on an interim basis.

Nash urges injured Kerr to go home after he shows up at Warriors' practice
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