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Likability Index: Ranking NFL uniforms from best to worst

Kirby Lee / Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to theScore's Likability Index, wherein we rank teams in several completely subjective categories to determine the NFL's most likable team.

Factors assessed in ranking uniform likability include logo, color scheme, adherence to tradition, unique elements and overall aesthetic.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
31 31 32

▲ "Creamsicle" throwbacks are a campy classic. Bring them back.

▼ Quite possibly the worst-looking uniforms in all of professional sports.
▼ Orange trim is distracting and does nothing to highlight the pewter and red color scheme.
▼ Glossy pewter helmets don't match flat pewter pants.
▼ Alarm clock numbers are reflective under light. Glowing numbers?!

T-30. Cleveland Browns

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
29 32 31

▲ At least the recent redesign didn't ruin the iconic helmets.

▼ The large "Cleveland" wordmark looks completely amateurish.
▼ There is no worse element in NFL uniforms than the Browns’ wordmark on their pants.
▼ All-orange combination is begging to be compared to a traffic cone.

T-30. Jacksonville Jaguars

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
32 30 30

▲ All-black look is intimidating.

▼ All-black is also really dumb under the scorching Florida sun.
▼ Use of teal looks forced.
▼ Half-black, half-gold helmets are the worst in NFL history. Pick a color.

T-28. New Orleans Saints

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
28 29 25

▲ Saints gain points for sticking to the black-and-gold theme for the duration of the franchise's history.

▼ Gold helmet combined with all-black jersey and pants combination looks unbalanced.
▼ Badly needs to be modernized.
▼ What the heck is going on with those collars?

T-28. Tennessee Titans

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
25 28 29

▲ Different shades of blue balance each other well in overall look.

▼ Flaming thumbtack logo is among the worst in pro sports.
▼ Shoulder design is almost too basic.
▼ Too much mixing and matching of jersey-pants combinations.

27. Cincinnati Bengals

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
27 24 27

▲ Helmet is instantly recognizable.

▼ Way too busy. White side panels are unnecessary.
▼ Number outline is nearly as thick as the numbers themselves.
▼ You can’t put Bengal stripes on everything. Stop it.

26. Arizona Cardinals

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
30 17 20

▲ Hard to go wrong with red.

▼ Old-school helmet featuring gray facemask clashes badly with ultra-modern uniform design.
▼ All-red combination is an eyesore.

25. St. Louis Rams

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
17 19 28

▲ Horned helmet looks as good as it did when, in 1948, the Rams became the first NFL team to feature helmet logos.

▼ Royal blue and yellow throwback uniforms are superior to navy blue and gold set.
▼ Bring back the gold pants.

24. Carolina Panthers

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
19 25 19

▲ Color scheme is rarely used, but makes for an attractive look.

▼ Design hasn’t aged well. Looks very '90s.
▼ What is going on with those bizarre helmet stripes?

23. Washington Redskins

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
14 21 26

▲ Good use of a unique color scheme.

▼ Pants, jersey and helmet all feature different striping patterns.
▼ The logo needs to go.

22. Atlanta Falcons

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
18 18 23

▲ Well-designed logo that is still one of the NFL’s best.

▼ Complicated shoulder design is distracting.
▼ Piping as striping already looks dated.

T-20. Detroit Lions

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
10 26 22

▲ Good example of how to modernize a classic design without going overboard.

▼ Silver helmets and pants do nothing to accentuate the light blue home jerseys.
▼ Odd-looking number designs.

T-20. Baltimore Ravens

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
26 23 9

▲ One of the few teams that has a strong case for including so much black in its uniforms.

▼ Logo (a raven head with a "B" on it) must be awkwardly edited to work on both sides of the team’s helmet.
▼ Black, stripeless pants with black socks looks like a ballet unitard.

19. Miami Dolphins

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
21 20 16

▲ Gorgeous color scheme.
▲ All-white combination is among the best in the league.

▼ Redesigned uniforms don’t include enough orange.
▼ All-aqua combination should be burned.

18. San Diego Chargers

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
11 27 15

▲ Embedding lightning bolts in stripes is a nice touch.

▼ Primary color scheme far less appealing than powder blue alternates.
▼ Bring back the numbers on the side of the helmets.

17. Denver Broncos

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
15 13 24

▲ Return to orange primary jerseys was a good move.
▲ Helmet design is among the league's best.

▼ Stripes (that look suspiciously like a Nike swoosh) are large and distracting.
▼ Number font looks dated.

16. Seattle Seahawks

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
22 11 18

▲ A well-executed ultra-modern design.
▲ Use of lime green is minimal, but effective.

▼ All-navy blue combination is superior to road and alternate uniforms.
▼ Gray alternate jerseys just look like dirty white jerseys.

15. New York Jets

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
23 12 14

▲ Green and white color scheme looks great on television.
▲ Stripes are consistent across helmet, jersey and pants.

▼ Shoulder stripes don’t really work on modern jersey templates.
▼ Logo could stand to be modernized.

14. Kansas City Chiefs

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
20 16 11

▲ A classic look that works in all its variations.

▼ Stuck in the difficult place of not wanting to betray a longstanding design even though it’s relatively boring.

13. New England Patriots

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
24 14 8

▲ Silver shoulder decals and pants seamlessly blend into the overall uniform scheme.
▲ Use of red as an accent color is well-executed.

▼ Uniforms have become associated with winning, which helps to cover up inconsistent striping patterns between home and road uniforms.

12. Houston Texans

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
16 10 17

▲ One of the best logos in the league.
▲ Red alternate jerseys are very nice (and should perhaps be promoted to primary jersey status). Just don't wear them with red pants.

▼ Gigantic collar completely takes over the front of the jersey.

11. Philadelphia Eagles

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
12 22 6

▲ Winged helmets are awesome. Jerseys are appealing, if unspectacular.

▼ Just go back to Kelly green, already.

10. Minnesota Vikings

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
9 6 21

▲ Matte helmets look great. Viking horn logo is inspired (even if vikings didn't actually wear horned helmets).
▲ Very appealing color scheme.

▼ Asymmetrical number font only looks good for some numbers.

9. New York Giants

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
13 8 13

▲ Sparkling blue helmets are beautiful.
▲ One of the few teams that can make gray look good.

▼ Why do "Big Blue's" road jerseys not include any blue?

8. Dallas Cowboys

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
6 15 5

▲ Logo is as iconic as any in pro sports.
▲ Wearing white at home is a cool tradition.

▼ Did you know the Cowboys have two different sets of silver pants, one of which has a slightly greenish hue? They do. And it's very weird.

7. San Francisco 49ers

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
2 7 12

▲ Colors sparkle under the Bay Area sun.
▲ Gold pants wouldn't look good on many teams but are somehow pulled off to perfection in this scheme.

▼ New black and red alternate uniform is hideous.

6. Indianapolis Colts

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
7 1 10

▲ Modest color scheme executed to near perfection.
▲ Bonus points for never deviating from a clean, timeless look.

▼ Slightly inconsistent striping. The jerseys and pants feature a double stripe, yet the helmet has a single stripe.

T-4. Buffalo Bills

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
5 5 7

▲ One of the nicest "fauxback" designs in sports. Seamlessly blends modern and traditional elements.
▲ There's no better use of the ubiquitous red, white and blue color scheme.
▲ Outstanding helmet design.

▼ All-blue alternate combination is a bit too much.

T-4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
4 9 4

▲ Unchanged and iconic, the Steelers' black home jerseys inspire fear.
▲ When your team colors inspire a hit song, you're doing something right.
▲ Logo on only one side of the helmet is a tradition worth preserving.

▼ Italicized number font may not be an upgrade over standard block.
▼ Bumblebee alternate uniforms are unique, but not exactly easy on the eyes.

3. Chicago Bears

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
8 4 3

▲ Navy blue and orange combination is one of the best in the NFL.
▲ Stripes are executed to perfection.
▲ Throwback uniforms are always a welcome sight.

▼ Is there a more boring logo in professional sports?

T-1. Green Bay Packers

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
1 3 2

▲ Both Green Bay's home and road jerseys are largely unchanged since the AFL-NFL merger, and this consistency has made the green-and-yellow scheme an iconic look.
▲ Yellow helmets lend themselves to awesome "cheesehead" identity.
▲ Perfectly consistent stripes.
▲ Bright colors pop on both hot summer afternoons and frigid winter nights.

▼ Blue throwbacks (phased out after 2014) are a little goofy.

T-1. Oakland Raiders

Woods Srinivasan Wilkins
3 2 1

▲ Color scheme is symbolic of the team's patented toughness from the John Madden era.
▲ Every team that introduces an "intimidating" black alternate jersey is just copying the Raiders.
▲ Raiders merchandise was a symbol of hip-hop's rise to prominence, forever cementing its "coolness."
▲ One of few uniforms that has never changed and should never change.

▼ Jerseys have no stripes or wordmark and, thus, no identifying marks. They're just plain, black jerseys.

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