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LaMarcus Aldridge will not sign extension this summer but plans to in 2015

Soobum Im / Reuters

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The realities of the NBA's collective bargaining agreement are such that it makes precious little sense for a superstar to sign an extension rather than waiting until free agency to sign a new deal.

It seems like a minor oversight considering the desire to help team's better retain their own stars, but it is what it is. It is also why LaMarcus Aldridge won't be signing a contract extension with the Portland Trail Blazers this summer, instead waiting for 2015 to sign a new deal as an unrestricted free agent.

While that's sure to make some Portland fans nervous, and while playing out a year without an extension does introduce some risk to Aldridge in the event he were to get hurt, it only makes sense from the player's perspective.

Under the rules of the CBA, extensions on a veteran deal are limited to four years including the season remaining on the deal, meaning an extension this summer would only lock Aldridge up through 2018. Waiting until next summer would allow Aldridge to sign a five-year deal, securing him through 2020.

There are financial differences, too, as estimated below (the estimations are rough given the cap levels are uncertain for 2015-16):

Aldridge Extension Wait + Deal
2014-15 $16,006,000 $16,006,000
2015-16 $17,206,450 $20,000,000
2016-17 $18,496,934 $21,500,000
2017-18 $18,496,934 $23,112,500
2018-19 $24,845,938
2019-20 $26,709,383
TOTAL $70,206,318 $132,173,820

So yeah, this may be unfortunate for Blazers fans who now have to sit through another season of rumors that Aldridge could leave, the power forward is saying all the right things and looking out for number one.

In terms of the "best Blazer ever" goal, Aldridge will likely need some playoff success. Statistically, however, he's already third in points, fifth in rebounds and seventh in blocks, so at age 28, he's well on his way to owning their record books.

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