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Packers fan lands season tickets after nearly 50-year wait

Joe Robbins / Getty Images Sport / Getty

The Green Bay Packers have a notoriously long waiting list for season tickets - so long, in fact, that some fans might have to wait nearly half a century for the opportunity to purchase them.

That was the case for Packers fan Cory Vogel, who was put on the team's waiting list at 2 years old and was recently offered season tickets at age 51.

"I was pretty excited. It was a long time in waiting," Vogel told Richard Ryman of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "My parents had seats in the same section."

Another fan, 49-year-old Michelle Hensel, told Ryman her parents also put her on the list when she was 2; her wait came to an end after 47 years.

"Every year, I'd be so excited to get my card in the mail from the Packers," she said. "Last year, I was 125 on the list. I said, 'It's got to be soon.'"

The Packers have a season-ticket renewal rate of more than 99%, which results in only about 70-100 new buyers each year. But Packers director of public affairs Aaron Popkey said the team reclaimed a selection of tickets from season-ticket holders who were reselling them above face value, allowing for an additional 100 names to come off the list this year.

The waiting list for Packers season tickets is currently at 140,000.

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