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Kobe's latest book spotlights young athletes' mental health

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Kobe Bryant's legacy continues to live on with the release of a new young adult novel titled "Geese Are Never Swans."

Co-written by psychologist and author Eva Young, the book tells the story of a young swimmer named Gus who has dreams of reaching the Olympics, but is struggling to come to terms with the death of his brother. The book features partnerships with artists and organizations in the mental health community, including The Hidden Opponent and The Michael Phelps Foundation.

"Kobe had that spark, he was a storyteller," Clark told Morgan Smith and Sam Gillette of People. "He was so dedicated to understanding stories: 'What's our responsibility? How do you tell it to the people in need?'"

Bryant was focusing more on producing content for youth prior to his death in January, which Clark said he was excited about.

"He wanted to tell stories and connect with young people so they felt seen, motivated and like the world understood and cared about them," she said. "I think that was very, very important to him."

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"Geese Are Never Swans" is the second book to be released this year from Bryant. His previous title, "The Wizenard Series: Season One," landed on The New York Times' best-sellers list.

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