Report: MLB, union negotiating later batting practice for home teams

Kareem Elgazzer / The Enquirer via USA TODAY NETWORK

Catching your team during batting practice may be a little easier this season.

Major League Baseball and the Players Association are reportedly negotiating a switch that would have the away side take part in batting practices before the home team, according to the New York Post's Joel Sherman.

Currently, visiting teams must wait for the home club to finish practice before starting their own pregame warmups. But the idea to switch the schedule stems from the notion that fans would be more encouraged to arrive at the stadium earlier if their side practices closer to game time, thereby possibly boosting concession sales, according to Sherman.

As well as driving fans to ballparks earlier, Sherman notes players could also benefit from the new arrangement by being able to stay home for a little longer before having to leave for the stadium.

No decision has been made yet, though, as the proposal is still in an early discussion stage, according to Sherman.